Monument Fort-Fin-Castle and The Water Tower Left with Stray Dogs and Illegal Wooden Shacks Built in the Road


Nassau, The Bahamas – Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham announced to Parliament on Monday his government’s shortfall by $52 Million in revenue projected in the first half of the 2007/08 fiscal year. Mr. Ingraham announced that Tourism would need an addition 12 million dollars for marketing, however we at would like to see the ‘House that tourism built’ restored to its once pristine glory, that draw millions of visitors to The Bahamas. Why pump $12 million to tell visitors come to The Bahamas, when the product stand in ruins? We visited on yesterday the once magnificent Water Tower at Fort-Fin-Castle and to our surprise, like the lawlessness seen throughout the country, one could only be left in state of shock to see the dilapidated tour attraction. Stray dogs all in the road, and wooden stalls built in the road by lawless vendors. Along with the Water Tower closed for some years now. WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO OUR TOURISM PRODUCT?

Gone are the days when The Bahamas stood Clean, Green and Pristine. When The Bahamas tourism led the region as a model and figures were accurate. There was a time when tourist flocked the capital and walked to the Water Tower and Fort-Fin-Castle. Hundreds journeyed from Bay Street’s Prince George Wharf where cruise ship parked in Nassau Harbour. We ask, why advertise and pay for guest to come to The Bahamas, when the sites they come to visit lay in ruin?


  1. I am presently away in Florida and I have directed a few colleagues here to your website last evening and they were totally shocked. Their general question: Why is your country so dirty? I am so embarrassed. However I remain committed to bringing about positive change in my country. We must take more pride in who we are.. We are BAHAMIANS.

  2. WOW! I totally agree. I just last month addressed this very same issue. I was focused more on the Queen’s Staircase. That place is in utter ruins. It’s filthy, run down, neglected and is in desperate need of an upgrade. Together Mr. Editor, we must agitate and activelyengage our Government on these issues. I love the questioned posed in your comment, WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO OUR TOURISM PRODUCT? Shame on successive Governments. This isn’t about PLP or FNM it’s about being patriotic and committed to the very core values of this great nation. We will not let them rest until this is addressed. That’s my WORD!

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