Moores Island sends cry to Government!


Dear Bahamas Press,

We the people and concerned parents of Moore’s Island. We wish to have some light of care shone upon us. 

Ever since the passing of hurricane Dorian, we have not had a Government Representative visit our island. The Local Government on the island has made call after call and still no response. It is very sad and depressing to be treated this way. 

Each department this island that depends on the central government to survive is being neglected. Our educational system has been taking away from our children due to the roof damages and electrical problems left from that dangerous storm. 

Government, please do keep in mind that the children are the future of tomorrow. There is no running water on the island. We were informed that a part was broken, but when it will be repaired we are unsure. 

Our Airport is in need of proper runway lights. Please do help us with that to preserve life. The Bay Street road at the waterfront is badly washing away. 

Protect our island and the people. Our Government Dock was horribly restructured by the storm. How can we, as residents, survive if we do not have a way to import or export our produce? 

The source of income is fishery. Last, but by no means least, the phone service is ridiculous. It’s like we are cut off from the Bahamas and no one cares for the people here. 

We are Bahamian and, yes, we did vote to have a voice. Please do hear us and help us. And, yes, we understand that other islands may have a greater cry and we do pray for our heavenly Father to protect and provide for us all. 

To help ensure our beautiful Bahama Land, you must start from the bottom to end up on top. Fix the minor structure to help support the beauty of the model plan. 

Thank you.

Resident Moores Island