Lincoln Bain is so far the ONLY BAHAMIAN who has stood with Shenique Miller…WELL WHAT IS DIS?

Shenique Miller

By Lincoln Bain

Shenique Miller is the first victiim of the newly launched political season. Her termination by ZNS, effective today, was a vicious, vindictive, political assassination attempt. 

For months she has been receiving threats from political cronies at ZNS. They have been threatening her about allowing persons to come on her show, saying things that did not show the government in the best light or that questioned the actions or statements of government. 

While live on the show, she would receive intimidating texts from persons, including the GM of ZNS. Shenique has never said anything against the government on her show and, to be balanced, she would always ensure that persons with various different views were on her panel. She would go to the extent of admonishing her panel to stick to the facts and keep it professional. 

But it appears that government did not want balance. They cannot and will not entertain being questioned or challenged. We must fall in line or else.

Shenique did some shows on her own time, on her own FaceBook page, that included myself, Clint Watson and Robyn-Dawn Lynes, a PLP Senator. Government did not like the FaceBook show. 

Shenique further sinned against government by allowing Obie Roberts, a PLP vice-chair, to be a panelist on her Monday Hot topics show. That same day she was terminated to take effect 4 days later (today). Minnis sent a warning to all by stating how he deals with crabs: “Cut their bitters off!” It has begun!

On June 8th, 2017, one month after the general election, PM Minnis gave a speech at ZNS and BIS telling the staff that the days of victimization and political interference at ZNS were over. He said they were free from the political chains that had bound them! That speech was a new day for ZNS. I remember praising the PM on Shenique’s show for this statement. But, regrettably, ZNS is back to being a political weapon of the government.
When will the same old political games in this country end? When will Bahamians stand up and demand change?

Every time an individual stands up and speaks truth to power they are victimized, vilified, character assassinated, lied on, persecuted, prosecuted or fired. As a people we watch and condone it with our silence and inaction. 

Shenique, hold your head up high. Bahamians are waking up. Bahamians are wising up! Bahamians are rising up!