Ed Fields will be moving on – What is really happening at ATLANTIS?


Ed Fields tells his side of his separation from Atlantis…and later today we ga report what no one knew until BP reported….BP is in the executive suite at Atlantis…..

Ed Fields

Ed Fields Live
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In the wake of the fake news about the government sponsoring a party at the Versace Mansion over the weekend, today on Ed Fields Live we discussed the phenomenon of social media and the capacity to create false news. This “stuff” not only becomes truth to non seekers of truth, but those sponges of salacious nonsense are quick to comment on something that actually does not exist. Stuff that is generated by those that hide behind pseudonyms and aliases because of the high risk of them being wrong or the subject of libel suits.

Little did I know that I would be the subject of such “stuff”. This evening I was barraged by whats ap messages advising me of social media reports of me being AXED by my beloved Atlantis.

So why is it important to respond? It is important so that the taint of doubt is always associated with the sources that generate this baseless debris.

I have been doing this for a long time and so when I decided to restructure my terms of engagement with Atlantis, my principal and I anticipated that those spawned by social media would create their own realities.

Hence all of the people that I care about were shielded from this laughable “stuff” months in advance.

Those that I have professional and personal relationships with know the truth and are as happy as I am with my new direction. I am extremely fortunate at this stage of my life to have a new professional chapter to explore.

To those that choose to “get off” on hoping that those that they don’t care for do poorly, I choose not to give them the satisfaction of an explanation.