More blood on #53 Eaton Street – Man murdered


Male is four hundred and ninety-eight murdered victim

Nassau, Bahamas — Breaking News coming into Bahamas Press confirms the rising tide of blood in the streets of the capital.

BP can report police this morning discovered the motionless body of another male lying face-down in a doorway on #53 Eaton Street with a gunshot wound to the back to the head, and multiple gunshots to the abdomen.

The victim we can confirm is 31-year-old, Derick Russell.

Reports tell us the victim answered a knock on the door when he was fired upon.

He died on the scene.

BP sends our prayerful support to the victim’s family and we ask all voters to take not of the slaughter happening around this country with a government paralyzed to fight crime.

Slaughter where guest are being asked maimed and bludgeoned for cell phones. Slaughter where children are being massacred and raped every week while criminals are walking around on bail.

Slaughter where more than 498 persons have been killed and less than 20 person convicted.

The Bahamas is headed in the wrong direction and needs to see a new day.

We report yinner decide!