More Damaging Information on the MET department. Islands are without proper weather tracking systems


27214_1292520241262_1477966088_30778401_4876661_nSandy Port, AbacoBahamas Press wonders where in the world is the mind of the Ingraham government when it comes to protecting the citizens particularly the people of Grand Bahama.

There is fallout when it comes to protecting family islanders and today we will prove it. We know private a business decided to shutdown the weather station on GB and the Ingraham government did nothing to reopen that station.

We also know the man left to convey weather conditions for the island during the tragedy on March 29th was NOT, we repeat, NOT a weatherman but an air traffic agent who guide planes in and out the airport. Three men lost their lives because of this colossal failure and the leadership at the MET office, who could not be found on the job, are all now shaking in their boots.

This is a NO SPIN ZONE and in the Court of Public Opinion, we at Bahamas Press must now share with the public what we know. When Sol Kerzner’s Paradise Island was being recreated, the group offered to purchase an Automatic Weather Station. They were willing to staff the device with competent individuals and have regular updates supplied to its facility to alert them of any tragic climatic events.

paradise_island_atlantis1Records supplied to our newsroom by our deep throat in the Office of the Prime Minister [OPM] confirmed, despite Kerzner’s willingness to pay for the system on his island, the Ingraham government made a back flip, somersault, triple flip and belly roll to make sure Kerzner got a spanking new Automatic Weather Station. The station BP can now confirm was PAID IN FULL – as part of the concessions offered – by the Bahamian People. Imagine that, a SPANKING NEW WEATHER TRACKING DEVICE.

Remember now, Kerzner was willing to pay of it, but someone in the ministry of finance stuck their hands in the cookie jar and said enough was in for the monster.

Bahamas Press can report to you the people this is not all. We can also confirm while the people of Grand Bahama is mourning the loss of three native sons, we can confirm the Automatic Weather Station systems on that island, on Bimini, in Sandy Port Abaco and on Crooked Island are all not properly functioning and are in URGENT NEED OF REPAIR. Now imagine that?

Bahamas Press can confirm senior officials in the MET office are fully aware of this and we can also report a paper outlining these truths were documented in a communication sent to Permanent Secretary overseeing the department, Ronald Thompson.

BP wants you the public to know we are probing the MET department and have loaded a dangerous concoction of damaging information, which shall be presented to you the people who enjoy our revelations. All we say is this; we are just warming up.