More downsizing at BTC is coming as BTC’s Human Resource system will be headed to Curaçao!


Hubert Minnis VOTED YES to sell BTC in a FIRE SALE!!! It’s dese people time!

NASSAU| Watching the information networks in the country, you must wonder what is happening with communications in the Bahamas, and URCA is saying absolutely nothing.

We are learning that, over the weekend, Aliv’s network was down for more than a day, and nothing was said. Today some BTC customers were experiencing serious network challenges. But what did URCA say? NOTHING!

But, you know, it is no wonder that the CEO of Liberty could speak so negatively about the work ethic of the Bahamian people and the Prime Minister stands defenseless.

Talking about Liberty, it now appears that the workers at BTC want something done with the management, which appears to have arrived on a special mission.

BTC staff has called for some people to be shipped out of the Bahamas. BTC, a cash cow, was sold under the former FNM Government for less than $240 million, while the company, when resold, was purchased for over $1 billion [Almost four times its sale price].

The current CEO of BTC is clearly demonstrating that the Bahamian people got swing! Disrespected and cannot look the world in the eye. And here’s what the Prime Minister Hubert Minnis refuses to tell you was discussed in his meetings with the new buyers.

1)   Liberty America wants to purchase the Bahamian shares in BTC.

2)   Liberty wants to further downsize the company to a skeletal shell company of what it is.

3)   Little to no new investment is being made in the present BTC infrastructure.

But here is something else yinner should know: by next week, at the end of the month, BTC’s Human Resource system will be headed to Curaçao [a Dutch colony in the Lesser Antilles].

This final exercise by BTC will complete the cycle of all customer and staff Information from the Bahamas sitting in another country. Shouldn’t this be considered as a NATIONAL SECURITY RISK?

Billing by BTC is being done outside the Bahamas! The Call Centre is shipped outside the country! The Data Center AC went bad and BTC refuses to have it repaired. And, while all this bastardization continues against Bahamians, URCA sits twiddling it fingers while the Prime Minister cannot look the head of Liberty America in the eye and ask what in the hell is going on!

All I say is this: that jackass named Zhivargo Laing told you that 49% is the same as 51% while the FNM placed a lock-out clause to block Bahamians from retaking BTC! Hubert Minnis VOTED YES TO SELL YOUR BTC!

Thousands of Bahamians have now lost their jobs at BTC! And guess what? It’s These People Time!

We report yinner decide!