More evidence of General Election readiness!

Election ballot boxes drying in the sun outside the Parliamentary Registration Office on Farrington Road.

NASSAU| PM Minnis will call an earlh General Election! He told S&P and not you!

Ballot boxes at Farrington Road drying after being painted. A Snap Election will be called and PM Hubert Minnis refuses to warn the public he will call an early election.

Meanwhile, staff inside the Parliamentary Registration office tell BP seven weeks of overtime pay have yet to be paid by the Administration.

“We need our money BP. We have been working long overtime doing much of the hard work to ready the country for an election and yet we cannot get our money owed. The head of the department and the accountant are failing big-time to make sure we get paid. WE WANT OUR MONEY! And we want it now!” a worker at Parliamentary Registration told BP.

BP warns Bahamians to register and transfer their vote. It ain’t long nah!