More job losses could be pending at the Old Bahama Bay as the property announces the closure of its marina until further notice


Freeport GB – Unlike the WUTLESS Media in the Bahamas, your Bahamas Press tonight is monitoring a possible increase in job losses on the Island of Grand Bahama.

We can report today that, via a circular, guests and residents at the Old Bahama Bay were informed of the closure of its marina operations effective January 21 [today] until further notice. The note added that the announcement comes as the property makes way for transition.

A general staff meeting was held to inform the workers of the decision but nothing further has come out of the meeting.

In an already depressed economy  unemployment numbers confirm an increase by 10.7% in just six months following a survey by the Department of Statistics, this proves all is not well in this economy.

The Minnis Administration, which rose to power on a bed of lies, has not exercised one solid plan yet to grow the economy or create jobs. Yet PM Minnis – “Most Honourable Ever” – claims that the economy is on the rebound. YEAH, RIGHT!

We report yinner decide!