More news happening around the country…

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NASSAU| Bahamas Press is right now reporting that a man was shot on Cordeaux Ave in The GROVE a short while ago. That shot victim’s condition unknown at this time.

Accident on Grand Bahama involved two sons of pastor Quinty Sears

Scenes from the accident.

FREEPORT| Two sons of pastor Quinty Sears out of Grand Bahama were in an accident on the streets of Grand Bahama tonight.

Both are ok but the Cadillac suffered a head-on CRASH and is written-off. We advise people around the country to slow down. Drive with due care and attention. Stay Safe and GET SAVED this holiday! REMEMBER SPEED KILLS … SEATBELT HELP SAVES LIVES!

Fire at Restview on Grand Bahama

Restview tell us all the dead inside the building is secured and untouched by the fire which was only in one section of the building.

Former BORCO Employee dies on Grand Bahama Wednesday evening

Freeport| Bahamas Press is reporting the death of former BORCO employee Kerry Russell on Grand Bahama. He suffered from diabetes.

Island Cares Foundation help struggling Bahamians with food!

BP BREAKING| Two women showed up at the Island Cares food distribution event. Vehicles are wrapped around the National Stadium showed up on bicycles to get food assistance. The assistance will continue for the next two Thursdays in December.