More on the woman who is suspected in the murder of Ariel Lowe – 28-year-old Katroina Kitty Gilbert


BP believes ‘Kitty’ did not act alone! Who did yinner think helped her?

What does LGBT activist Erin Greene have to say about these developments? HATRED AND VIOLENCE SITS DEEP INSIDE THE GAY COMMUNITY ITSELF! Everytime we hear about murder these days someone kill dey lover – But Greene nor the Christian Council gats nuttin to say about that!?

Young 21-year-old Ariel Lowe and her lover-turned-suspected murderer 28-year-old Katroina 'Kitty' Gilbert during better times.,.

Nassau, Bahamas — Katroina Kitty Gilbert, the 28-year-old mother of two, who we know was charged in connection with the murder of 21 year old, Ariel Lowe, is no stranger to cutting people hip.

We can report – and for prosecutors now handling this trial – that Gilbert has a dangerously violent temper. Firstly, she is the daughter of a senior Defence Force Officer.

Our sources have told us that she has blatantly disrespected and dangerously attacked her own mother on social media by ‘cussin’ her to the dogs, and, as we know, broke her own mother’s arm before.


The mother, Kolamae McSweeney, is pictured here distraught the morning of the discovery of young Ariel. We also understand that Ms Gilbert had raised Miss Lowes’ only child, along with the two children from her marriage in Eleuthera. Yes, Katroina Kitty Gilbert was once married!

We also understand that the Lowe family has set up a “Go Fund Me” account to cover costs for funeral.

Da Taliban Erin Greene ain't say @#$@ bout how her people are killing up one another. NOT A DAMN WORD!

Gilbert was also charged with arson, a charge read out to her by Chief Magistrate Joyann Ferguson-Pratt on Monday. She was remanded to prison.

We wonder what does LGBT activist Erin Greene have to say about these developments. Many times she speaks about fear in the community over violence and hate, but, if you read the news and watched the video with young Ariel Lowe, it looks like the violence is within the LGBT community itself!

We will wait for Greene to speak – and wonder what are her thoughts about the VIOLENCE committed against Lowe?

Now get this: BP believes Kitty did not act alone. Who did yinner think helped her kill the young woman and left her newborn motherless?

We report yinner decide!