More scandals rocks the Minnis Regime this time over payments by Health Minister Renward Wells…payments to himself, his driver and secretary!

Minnis and Money GONE Wells in Parliament!

Nassaau| Cabinet Minister Renward Well paid himself $10,000 out of public funds, and BP repeats ouŕ claims!

Readers should notice the article did not categorically say he received no honorarium! It said he did not receive any that had been allocated for health care workers!

Bahamas Press repeat our statement that HEALTH Minister Reward Well paid himself $10,000 cash. He paid his driver $5,000 who is also his first cousin. And he paid his personal secretary $5,000 all of whom were NOT entitled to these payments set aside for frontline workers (nurses and technicians) in healthcare.

Bahamas Press wants PM Hubert Minnis to come clean on the decisions of his Cabinet Minister Wells. He fired Duane Sands for lighter offences. What will he do now with Renward Wells?!

We report yinner decide!