An Emergency Room nurse at PMH dies while shopping in Orlando…

Emergency Room Nurse Camille Barrett
Constable Lewis

FLORIDA| A Bahamian nurse from PMH has died in Orlando while on vacation yesterday.

BP is learning Emergency Room Nurse Camille Barrett died while on holiday in the US. She is the second government employee to die suddenly while in the US in one week.

DPP staffer and songbird Mrs Shaniqua Hanna-Thurston was also found dead inside the bathroom of her hotel room after what is being discribed as a massive heart attack.

Meanwhile this morning BP is reporting the passing of Police Constable Lewis. She died overnight. The cause of her death is still unknown at this time.

Health sources tell BP a wave of Delta infections are sweeping the earth and many believe is the cause of many of these sudden deaths all across the country. The cause of Nurse Barrett, DPP staffer Hanna-Thurston and Constable Lewis are unknown. All we at BP know is this – THIS IS NOT NORMAL!

We report yinner decide!