Staffer at DPP office found dead in bathroom while vacationing in USA on Thursday…

Mrs Shaniqua Hanna-Thurston

FLORIDA| Another government employee has died following a massive heart attack, and this time she is employed in the DPP Office.

BP is learning Mrs Shaniqua Hanna-Thurston passed away today whike on vacation in the US. Sources confirmed, “Mrs Hanna-Thurston was found unresponsive in the bathroom as she vacationed stateside. She was a songbird with a most beautiful voice. She will be missed.”

She worked in the Case Management Department in the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions.

Hanna-Thurston was the wife of Prison Corporal Warren Thurston.

Pray for her family in this most difficult time.

And yes we apologise for our earlier inaccurate update on her passing. We are sorry.

May she rest in peace.