The Minnis Government is under siege as frontline healthcare technicians all walk off the jobs this morning! Minister paid himself, his driver and secretary some $20,000!


Did Minnis Government pay the $100,000 to relatives of deceased nurses who died in the service in the pandemic? NO!!!


NASSAU| The Government of the Bahamas is under siege this morning as frontline workers in health have withdrawn their labour.

This morning no lab technicians have reported to work in government laboratories. None show up at the morgue, radiologists have also removed their labour. The Minnis Government is under siege!

The move by workers comes following the preferential decisions concerning work at the “frontline” during the COVID PANDEMIC. You would recall the Government announce its intent to pay an honorarium of to the tune of some $5,000 to those who volunteers to work.

BP understands even nurses who were assigned on COVID19 WARD around the country were NOT all paid $5,000. Some who worked at PMH COVID WARD were paid less than $3,500 and some others just $1,650. But here’s the kicker.

While Renward Wells decided to not pay all those the funds promised, He paid himself $10,000. He also paid his driver who is also his cousin $5,000. The Minister Personal Secretary also was paid $5,000 and we respectfully challenge the Minister to deny BP’s report!

Imagine that – Health office workers, who were not on the ground were paid $5,000, and diligent hardworking frontline works in the field were left abandoned! This is sad!

And the paymasters who disbursed the funds have done so discreetly like BP wasn’t going to find out.

Meanwhile, the Minnis Government also promised to pay the dependents/families of nurses who lost their lives as a result of the pandemic $100,000! WAS THIS DONE?! Stay Tuned!

We report yinner decide!