Man who was accused of murder shot dead in Elizabeth Estates on Wednesday morning…


Homicide count climbs to 75 for the year! Victim is murder accused Dominic Moss!

Dominic Moss aka Naldo Moss aka Pun aka The Punisher shot dead in Lizzy.

NASSAU| Two people just got headshots on Commonwealth Blvd in Elizabeth Estates community on Wednesday morning. One is dead and BP has identified that victim as Dominic Moss aka Naldo Moss aka Pun aka The Punisher.

Moss, you should remember, was charged before Senior Magistrate Derence Rolle Davis accused of intentionally causing the death of Ryan Taylor on Tuesday, November 17, 2020. He was also charged with the attempted murder of another after officers alleged that he, along with another, tried to kill Travis Curry the same day.

And yet, some nine months later, Moss, was on Commonwealth Blvd in Elizabeth skipping across the street like a child out of school without a care in the world. Seconds later he was being chased and gunned down in the streets as he fled a gunman with bullets firing in his direction. All unfolding not far for away from the Elizabeth Police Station in a yard nearby where he died on the scene.

Another man was also shot in the eye and was transported to hospital where he was treated.

This latest incident forced the homicide count to climb to 75 for the year.

We report yinner decide!