More Trouble for Dean’s Shipping…Vessel Impounded in US?


Palm Beach, Florida — Just a few months ago Bahamian law enforcement engaged in a covert operation investigated Dean’s Shipping Agency.

In an early morning sting, Bahamas Customs caught operators of the M/V Legend offloading  undeclared goods in 40 ft containers from of the vessel.

Dean’s Shipping latest fiasco has now attracted the attention of International law enforcement as the US authorities has impounded the M/V Legacy in the port of Palm Beach.

Our Peeping Tom at the Port has reliably informed us that Dean’s Shipping has evaded fees owing to the port in the amount of $126,347.19 and a lien has been brought against them; case # 9:2011cv80172.

BP will continue to follow this story and keep you posted.


  1. B P i was made to understand it was the Legend that was being held in U. S. check the info. The old saying still holds true youcant do rong an get by it come bak erry time.

  2. they say ingrum grow up around sir lynden. wonder wat he learn because sir lynden used to look out for the small man. but this bit bull hog heart dont give a s… about the poor bahamians all they doing is given big contract to these strangers so they and they buddy can get big kick backs. bunch of teefing dogs….

  3. Hotmama says, ingraham can’t say nor do nuttin cause “All we is one big family”! Partisanship plays no part in Bahamian politics!!LOL!!! LOL!!!

  4. wat bug me is how ingrum have all this balls to fire all these bahamians from all around but can’t lock down on these crooks thats because he is one. but a matta of trust. trust my black … all of them big grown men getting tax payers money and aint doing s… the only one had a little balls let ingrum promise him again. lol just when i was thinking he had sense…

  5. Dean is a Bahamian company. So not payin bills in foreign and screwing his own country outta custom money r broke country now needs so badly. they smuggle in all these beers and then sell em thru certain stores in nassau and family islands making hefty profits an then dont pay their foreign bills still. crooks. good for their ass.

  6. This is a family who lived their lives taking advantage of the poor and after they arrived they never look back down at the small man
    My aunt just informed me that there are three surviving Dean brothers and every single one had fellonious run in with the United States Gov.
    … Not sorry at all for Deans Shipping. You can do wrong for as much as you like but not for as long as you like.

  7. This is so sad…we have business people robbing the public treasury as well as persons appointed to sit on government boards who admit to the public that they channel money to accounts that directly benefit them but nothing is done. It’s up to the people to do something about this because as long as politicians can use their positions to cut deals that put money into their own pockets things will not change. Maybe we need to set higher standers of accountability staring with every member of government and put them in prison just as we do those who are caught breaking the law.
    If there is no penalty who cares. Starting with the government people have no regard for the law.

  8. money talks. you got all kind of bar and club operator doing dirty work by beating custom out off millions by smuggling cars and beers in this country daily. we the authorities knows these people but they keep there pockets grease. until some of these teefing. money hogs. go to jail we will never do any better and the u.s.a will always show how no good and dirty we are by locking them up for we bahamians something we fail to do.

  9. that is good for deans shipping they had it coming to them they to full of themselves this what the assistant manager did say when customs catch them that time “Customs has made their decision to seize the vessel and goods until the investigation is complete. It will impact us very little, because we have another vessel, mv Legacy,”
    now the legacy gone lol
    they need to seize the bank accounts to old crooks…

  10. You see, if Bahamian Authorities had not been smudgy and impounded his ship when Customs found them smuggling all that Beer into the Bahamas, he would have been better. But, likely, he pulled some strings, and slipped out of that situation.
    But if it is true that he has been doing foolishness for long time, and cheating the Bahamas Customs, I say he got what he deserved. Wouldn’t you?

  11. To make matters worse for Capt. Dean, when the US Authorities impounded the ship, his crew abandoned the ship, except for one person who developed an anxiety attack, and had to be removed by Paramedics.
    People have got to learn that one aspect of remaining in business is paying your darn bills. Dean might be a Captain, but a businessman he is not, in terms of paying his bills on time.

  12. If this is so BP it should be has a lesson for the laws in our country, to deal with all of these foreign own companies that do business in this country and bail out owning the citizens of this country money and then get away with it, and not only the citizens but they also leave and own the Govnt. I only hope and pray that they would be able to settle that matter

  13. SCAMMERS. I dont feel sorry for their loss. They been tricksters for a long time it seems. They dont pay their debts in foreign and rip off customs big time here.

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