Exploitation, Victimization and Terror Rocks at Sandals Bahamas operations?

Sandals owner Gordon Butch Stewart


Nassau, Bahamas — There is a high pitch of fear among workers at  Sandals today and Bahamas Press in our deep investigations at the properties tell us all is going downhill between the foreign management and workers.

We are told management in fact will go to the ends of the earth to exploit, victimize and terrify its employees.

On Wednesday’s Head of Department Meeting workers got the shock of their lives as the expat Director of Sales verbally attacked the Transportation Manager. Tempers are flared as staff are now hearing and witnessing the hated perpetrated against them.

Bahamas Press was also advised by our investigators on the grounds of the property, The Department of Labour has been advised not to conduct an investigation into the Security Manager, Director of Sales and Concierge Manager. We wonder why?

“Employees are terrified to call The Ministry of Labour because before they return to the resort the Labour Department informs Sandals. There is no confidentiality in our government agencies and this is why BP you is our last hope,” a distressed employee said.

In the meantime the expats are on a rampage we are told following our revelations of abuse at the resort.

Fresh out of talks with the Ministry of Labour all last week, Dion Foulkes was frantically calling the resort to speak to Don Cooke, Stewart’s chief consultant. We can confirm all meetings were conducted off the resort’s property.

A cheque shown to BP reveals, Cooke is being paid sum $2,500 a week to ensure two things:

  • 1) That No union is formed at Sandals.
  • 2) All Work permits are speedily approved by the Department of Immigration.

Bahamas Press is also aware that Sandals now trusts no one and Cooke according to our agents in the department of immigration, personally drops off the work permit applications to a classified agent inside the ministry [BP WILL ATTAIN THE NAME AND NUMBERS OF THAT AGENT SOON].

Meanwhile further reports suggests expat Security Manager, Devon Martin, was heard all week telling employees how much he hates Bahamians. “This is no secret to us after he boldly and loudly told a manager the following about a Bahamian manager , ‘Chuck is a dog. He is a dirty, stinking, bastard dog and I hate him. I hate all of you Bahamians.’ This degrading comment was followed by Martin sending the following message with a room attendant, ‘I hate Chuck and I hate Michelle,‘” a worker on-site told BP.

“Image expats telling us they hate us to our faces. What have we come to?”

BP understands Bahamian Managers are being told that they cannot discipline expats. Former Executive Housekeeper, Jason Brice, got the kiss of death on Tuesday when he wrote a warning letter on the Expat Assistant Financial Controller. Reports confirm on Monday Brice was hit in his head with a paper by the Assistant and spoken to like a child. Brice was told he could not report the matter by the expat as Sandals Head Office would not approve his decisions. Brice nevertheless wrote the letter and the next day he was terminated.

After last week’s Bahamas Censored write up on the Spa Manager, she forced one of her Supervisors to resign. The others are now walking on pins and needles almost afraid to breathe.

Thanks to the FNM government Sandals employees are not protected from victimization. When Stewart purchased the resort in 1995, he was promised that there would be no union. Leo Douglas and the Hotel Association confirmed this. There are no unions in any of Stewart’s more than 20 resorts.

Sandals like to say its property in Antigua has a union, but it is really a staff association.  Stewart will not tolerate any one looking at his books and assessing the pay rate and amount of gratuities that employees should be receiving. Hence every week there is a discrepancy with the gratuities that employees receive. Hence this is why casual employees are not made permanent after 3 months as in all other hotels. Sandals strategy is to keep as many employees out of the gratuity pool as possible.



  1. Sandals Royal Plantation- Ochi Rios

    Imagine booking into a hotel in Israel called the “Holocaust”

    The fact that this Sandals hotel has the word “plantation” contained in its title gives somewhat of an insight into its ethos. For those wishing to honeymoon or enjoy a relaxing break in lush and beautiful surroundings, Sandals in Ochi is a must!. However before you reach for your credit cards please bear in mind the fact that most of the staff who will be attentively tending to your every need are trainees who work a 40 hour+ week for no pay. If your morality allows you to book into a hotel referred to as a “plantation” [ NB: plantations housed and abused slaves during colonial times in the west indies] then don’t hesitate to book your stay at Sandals and enjoy your pina colada!

  2. an expat in the hotel tried that with me ask him what he got and I still work there I have no fear because I already paid my morgage my six children are grown and working and my wife works so you cant threaten me with no lob

  3. BP, a big FNM GENERAL has a big ring going on between the Minitry of Labour, with one of his family members at the MOL and the Department of Immigration

  4. what kind of sick. dog down south. he is? look like we have to march are big crowd down there aye? i refuse to let these dogs walk over are people.bunch of sick money hogs and bully dogs going to far with this i no wat will fix this. lets march at the sandal and close it down. see wat da middle east have to do to have a voice i could smell a big up rise coming and i been ready….

  5. Well Muddos, someone needs to get their head knock-off(literally) at dat place!We the people of The Great Bahamas always knew that the dogs down South, vilified and are extremely jealous of our benevolence.This what we gat wen these rabid beasts are in charge in this Beloved Country,telling all these wash-up expats that Bahamians can’t run da show,hope they die a thousand death.Soon we will find ways to deal with it,the People are tired of all their shits(this Government and those dutty swines) we need to show someone an example, the spark is lighted,soon fire,BEWARE!

  6. This is nothing new all these inclusive resort have people in high position writing letters and calling the PM office.It happening at CLUB FORTUNE Freeport same as in Sandal. The Director of Tourisum rather have foreigners in these resorts.AM not surprise!!!!

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