PYL sends open letter to Torchbearers



February 25, 2011
Dear Torchbearers,

The Progressive Young Liberals sincerely believes that the rhetoric spewed in your response to our recent press release on BTC is neither progressive nor uplifting. As young people this is not the route we should be taking.

Regardless of whether or not any of us are PYLs or Torchbearers, we are all young people and neither side has a monopoly on intelligent or nationalistic minded persons. At this stage, it is not about who did what and who is responsible for what- as we should be able to honestly attest that good things were accomplished under every administrative watch of our country.

The PYL would like to remind all ambitious Bahamians that every year approximately 5,000-6,000 young Bahamians graduate (high school and college) and joins the world of employment-with no hope of landing a job. This speaks to the need to annually create jobs to absorb these numbers. Continually navigating Bahamians towards fighting for the one or two available diminishing jobs, as opposed to facilitating and enabling Bahamians to own and sustain their own businesses, is not the way for any government to go.

Paying lip service to band-aid fixes will certainly not get the job done and we the PYL will lobby any government, FNM or PLP to get it right.

The PYL is publicly extending an invite to Jamal Moss (President) and the Torchbearers of the Free National Movement, as well as the youth organizations of all other political parties to a National Youth Debate, or Brainstorming Session, on issues affecting young Bahamians and what we can do to fix.


The Progressive Young Liberals


  1. This is a well written response, their PR team should definitely be congratulated. I’ve seen some on Facebook this young team are really on the Ball. The Torchbearers have nothing on them!!

  2. Hey Bp, thats a good photo you could of seen the energy in those ppl in Elizabeth last year and that same energy ralling up again, but I listen to Mr. Jamal Moss and those torchbearers on a talk show on Friday when they was trying to discuss this BTC sale man, but the good Lord had it so that I turned my TV on last night to JCN and there were Mr. Keenee Johnson and the young liberals I’m sorry to say if Papa listened to that talk show and also seen that show on JCN last night he aint going to let Jamal and them have no national youth debate, and for worse no brainstorming session just like he did’nt let Doc. and Julian have none, because them FNM fellows aint ready sorry to say.

    • PYL congratulations for an excellent reply!
      This the sort of dialouge we continuouslly need in our country in order for us to stop this downward spiral and uplift ourselves as a nation and a community!

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