The Eighteenth Murder On East Street South at this hour



Bahamas Press is reporting the 18th [Eighteenth] murder of the year happening now in the East Street South area.

BP teams are now at the area and we can tell you a robbery went bad has ended the life of another male.

The victim is a phone card vendor. Robbers entered his apartment and emptied five live rounds on the victim before racing off with cash.

The deceased is said to be 30-years-old.


  1. A mindset has developed where criminals believe they have the consent of the people to continue their nefarious activities with impunity.Recognising that there is no panacea approach in solving the dilemma I suggest that Parliament enact laws making it easier to punish murderers and make use of the scores of JPs to diminish the scores of Traffic offences and minor matters.These are mere small steps but at least it would be a start in addressing our vexing problem.

  2. I always is feel sorry for the victims and there families. Buju know just what he was talking about when he said, “It’s not an easy road.”

    It’s not an easy road
    Many see the glamour and the glitter
    And think it’s a bed of rose
    Who feels it knows
    Lord help me sustain these blows
    From the minute of birth you enter this earth
    Obstacles in your way to overcome first
    Throughout everyday they seem to get worse
    Oh my God cast away this curse
    Everybody is trying to make ends meet
    Through every way the endeavor
    Lord God you see it
    No matter what the world may say on the street
    Must have to survive, won’t accept defeat
    Now I’m weary, tired and dreary
    Got no time to waste
    You know me
    By you rise to see the sun
    Who you love a pull you down
    Trying to discredit the works you have done
    [ From: ]
    Some can’t satisfy with the past of ally
    From the Scribes and Pharisees
    You’ve got to stay wide
    Hold up your head glancing on both side
    Waiting anticipating praying for you to slide
    Righteousness prevails with Jah by my side
    Deliver Jonah from the whale
    Never leave him to die
    Help us all Abbaba Joni
    Hold up my head and cry
    I’ve been travelling all morning
    With such a heavy load
    Now it’s noon and I cannot afford
    To put down this burden alongside the road
    I’ve got to hold it, got to humble myself
    Like a child
    Upon my face I’ve the got to put on a smile
    Make up my mind just to walk more miles
    Because I know that

    • We need to stop…and look at ourselves. take to the streets and root out the crimminals, drugs boys, sex slaves, and petty crooks,. thing might be tough for some, but people still playing 20- 30 a day in numbers, still partying, and keeping more than 1 lover.

  3. in my eaqrlier post i said i hoped this killing was over something more than just phone cards. mr johnson asked what i kno. i dont know anything i juz trying to say that its so very sad that ppl can lose their life over phone cards money which cant be a;ll that great. no crime of passion here. no revenge attack or turf war for guns or drugs just robbers wantin some coin from a struggling phone card vendor. that is really sad though. respect still to the family and all who mourn

  4. Folks, remember each murder victim has family and friends. They are all affected by these murders. if each murder victim has say 50 family members and friends, these are all traumatised!

  5. My friend, take heart!! When you see the next election take place, this heartless FNM bunch of thugs will be tossed to the side of the road like yesterday’s garbage. They, by their actions and/or inaction have earned the right to placed on the trash pile of history.
    I believe that they look at all the murders in the country as “small things”, and until someone in their inner circle is affected, nothing will be done.
    National Security is there only to protect Hubert from the Masses. Case in point the recent demonstration at Rawson Square.
    I tell you though, I think Hubert and his boys are beginning to feel the anger of the people. I saw the look on his face when he was escorted to his waiting car. He was terrified. Probably had to crack the seal on that bottle he keep in his car.

  6. i know some people who say they turn to crime because no work and nothing to do?? the goverment fail us only the rich gain under the fnm. while the poor strugle to eat and pay bills where there’s no leadership the people will pairish..this country came to a full stop in 2008 and een move yet.stop and review came to stop re-new…

    • @D Rolle
      Why are you saying this?Please update on what you know or heard as enquiring minds need to know.Besides the Minister of Insecurity who regularly reads this site needs all thw help available to stem this ridiculous Murder trend.

  7. This is now the 204th Murder since 2009. Additionally some 5 persons have died mysteriously in 2011 and police have yet to classify the death.


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