Morton Salt set to terminate 18 staff members and the Minister of Labour has said nothing to Cabinet or the Country!


Bahamians are going jobless and homeless under Minnis Regime!

This could be any one of us,

Inagua| Bahamas Press is learning more Bahamian families are headed to the unemployment lines in Inaqua as layoffs come at a major operation in that part of the country.

BP can now confirm some 18 workers at the Morton Salt plant have gotten letters of their separation at the facility, which take effect on August 15th, 2021. 

Your Bahamas Press, which is always on the wall monitoring these developments, understands both the Minister of Labour has refused to convey the notice of terminations to the Cabinet, and his Director of Labour is busy campaigning in Fox Hill  in the government red plate while Bahamians are becoming unemployed. These people are LOST and have NO PLAN!

Meanwhile PM Hubert Minnis is expected to address the nation tonight at 8PM to tell citizens all is well and the country is on the rebound. 

The Prime Minister will not tell you how Bahamians are having an extremely  hard time, many dying. He ga tell you the economy is growing out of the pandemic – A LIE! 

The reality is Bahamians are losing their jobs and businesses are downsizing struggling to survive in the midst of the lockdowns and Emergency Orders. In fact anyone one the ground would be shock to see the scores of Bahamians now homeless as a result of the Minnis Regime policies.

Tell Minnis let’s discuss Morton Salt and keep the lies off the TV please.

We report yinner decide!