Mother says how pedophile officer took her son to Canada!




Nassau, Bahamas — Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King said it best as he lifted America into an era of HOPE. King said, “UNITY is the great need for the hour, UNITY is the way we shall overcome!” His words are echoed today on this universal blog, and pinned into our writings in an effort to stir hope and change in our country.

The Bahamas cannot continue on this road of the same, for what will be left if we do nothing for the next generation, which are being hung by the noose of a growing debt. Young people who are not being given the chance to dream, much less live the dream. Young people, who are being abused by deranged men and women, who have traded their boarders of trust to fulfill their VICKED EVIL DESIRES!

Sexual crimes run deep in The Bahamas, like a tunnel of raw sewerage it runs deep within the pipelines of our institutions. Deep into the body of this country that is now festering into sours all across our skin. Yesterday it was oozing like puss in the school community of the Eight Mile Rock High, and before that revelation it was smelling at the once prestigious Queen’s College on Village Road. Another source tell us of an incident brewing at the Doris Johnson High on Prince Charles Drive, and tomorrow when we continue this episode we will uncover our investigations at the North Andros High School in the ‘Big Yard’.

But today we lend an ear to a tearful mother who has come to Bahamas Press and opened her scars to us. The mother, who will not to be named, told us of her weary of search for justice in The Bahamas. She told us how her son has been lured into to this sewerage of pedophiles here in Nassau.

“My boy was just 15 at the time when he entered an after school programme. A man in the community who also worked at the Royal Bahamas Defense Force conducted the programme. My child was not distant from me prior to his involvement, but as he began to participate, more and more he became disconnected from me.

“I am a single mother, and am the only person to look over this boy. So I really was glad to know that he was in the company of persons I thought I could trust.  It wasn’t until I notice my boy was not coming home from his events that I began to get concerned. He was being picked up by this Defense Force officer but not returning home. I became upset and decided to put an end to it and this is where all my trouble started.

“As I demanded he discontinued his participation in the after school events, the boy ran away. I went to the police all to be turned around and around. I went to his school and got the same treatment. I wrote everyplace I knew that would have had the authority to assist me, but one after the other all turned me away,” she said.

But thinking this case was just another run-a-way incident is to be premature. It was far from it. Bahamas Press uncovered that not only was this another incident involving crimes similar to those in the Eight Mile Rock School, but this ran deeper in the sewer of the city! The mother showed us copies of a passport issued to her son’s pedophile captures for him to travel.

“I could not believe what I was seeing, BP. The passport department has issued my son a travel document –without my consent– for him to travel with a stranger. They raped my child and took him outside the country!” she said fighting back tears and questioning how could this happen?

We’ve learned that the boy had been taken to Canada, and it was there where he occasionally called home she confirmed. He is now of age, but he never gave me any more details.

“What have they done to my child!? They took my child from me!” she screamed helplessly as she told her story.

As we hear her story we wondered, why do these teachers allow all these young men to stand begging for funds to travel at food stores across the country? Could this be also an element of this pedophile excursion outside the country?

The mother has since identified the name of that passport official who produced the passport for her son to travel. The individual is still operating in a government complex to this very day. However, to this day we’ve yet to identify the Defense Force officer in question. As soon as he is known, we shall update this part one. It is still unclear whether the officer has also left the country or is still on duty. However, as we said before the EMRH School is just a tip of the iceberg.

Stay tuned however for part two of this series, where our investigations at the North Andros High School are taking shape. That crime committed against school children involves an ex-police officer who is still to this day, in and out of the North Andros High School campus grounds.


  1. And Chunky, we heard he was dead for days in the house and not a person knew it. BOY I TELL YA!


  2. yes i agrre, we turn a blind eye when it is someone else child. The churuch have failed us 100%, with them its all about money and more more. Ask the Bishop Roberts in freeport who was recently found dead with the writing on his chest “Raping Pastor”. hell will sure be filled with many like him who prey on young kids daily

  3. We must stop this phenomenon as many women in the Bahamas looking for good men and we find they want kids as their partners.It is obvious that these pedophiles got involved with someone earlier in their lives and now they are continuing the cycle.Eradication and exposure are the key if we want to save our children.With adults today it is not a matter of trust as all persons who get close to children are proving to be perverts.Minister Butler-turner earn your stripes by speaking out for the children.



  5. MR. GARVEY;




  6. @bahngr
    I totally agree with you Bahngr this DRUNK woman should have never been placed on the bench.She’s not a good example of a Magistrate,thank GOD she is gone never to returned,lol.

  7. @bahngr
    The magistrate is no longer on the bench.Matter of fact I believe that was the last case she presided over.
    But lets forget about the magistrate, what about his church members ? It seems as as if they have no problem with what he has done.
    Yet these are the same people calling for the Prime Minister’s head.

  8. TP your point on the bishop now before the courts is the key. How did he get off the first time and why was the alcoholic magistrate not taken to task for her ridiculous ruling. Why didn’t the media give scrutiny to this ruling and call her out? Now why is she still in the courts?

    Our problems are endemic and based in national subjectivity and the myriad of connections betwen groups and individuals all taking the subjective, low road and refusing, out of fear and self hate to take the objective, high road. refusing to stand for truth!!!

  9. The questions were asked earlier how could the MOE allow a known deviant to leave the bahamas undetected and how could a young man be issued a passport without the knowledge of his mother.The answer to that is very easy.
    Pedophiles has a network that is worldwide, they protect and assist each other while seeking new victims.They are all over.THERE TENTACLES ARE EVERYWHERE
    A short while it was rumoured that a former MP was incacerated in Cuba for having unlawful carnal knowledge with minors.This same person was a man in authority a short while ago.Pastors are being accused daily of seducing minors that are entrusted into their care.
    Like satanists they live right next to us they are in the pulpit preaching to us.That is why the good book admonishes us to watch and pray because these people will fool even the elect.

  10. We have a serious problem in this country and it hit’s at the very heart of our nation our children…….What would it take for us as a people to wake up and come to reality that this is going on in our country and haveing an impact on our soceiaty as a whole ….our nation need a cleaning in all government departments we need to clean all government departments and institutions there is too much corruption .

  11. The age of computer has changed the bahamas forever and the Governments of the country from now on must strategise to accomodate this reality.No longer will bullshit be accepted and as far as the country is concerned we do not care whose watch these despicable things take place as Govts are continuos.Blaming each other is none of our business just do the job for which you were elected.I demand an investigation and to Officers from the intelligence section of the Police Force just run with the information gleaned from this site and lock all perverts up.You do not need any complaint to DO YOUR JOB.If the Police are not on this site I cry shame bcos from what I can see the site makes your job easier.Just ask the PM and members of the PLP.I just love blogging here its all real and names are sometimes changed to protect the innocent.Glennys Hanna Martin the Queen of busting inept Cabinet Ministers this one is for you.

  12. @tp
    TP, as they say it’s better late than never. Now all that matters is that the powers that be don’t just talk the talk but let their actions speak for them. We have a ‘special interest’ government that makes waves when it seems most profitable while leaving other issues on the backburner. I guess in the coming weeks and months we will see just how important this matter really is to this administration.

    I meant to mention earlier that the reason why we haven’t heard from pastors and PC is that this is a very sensitive issue. Sexual crimes and especially crimes of sexual deviance go against our ideology of a “Christian” nation. Speaking out on these crimes means that it has happened here under our watch. I think it is a hard concept to grasp that we have the same issues we attribute to a specific stereotypical image that does not fit into our concept of all things Bahamian. The reality is that we have the highest per capita occurences of domestic violence, incest, and rape. We have the highest number of AIDS cases per capita. Surely this is deplorable in a country so small. The truth is that we ignore these issues because they are taboo, but that doesn’t make it any less real.

  13. It is time to pass legislation demanding that sex perverts should be registered.We need to know who they are to protect our children.I shudder to think of the consequences if we do not treat the affected children now to avoid a backlash in the future(the victim becoming the perpetrator).Politics has been allowed to colour the Bahamian way of life for far too long.I criticise Perry Christie for his unorthodox style but was he right in his approach to nation building?including all in the process regardless of party.The King of select committees would have appointed one when this story first broke.We missed a golden opportunity to have a bipartisan approach to this problem and will reap the whirlwind for our failure as a country.Who awoke HAI from his sleep?He got up screaming after the house was already burning all around him.

  14. @Trinity

    Trin I commend your parents for doing such awonderful job in bringing you up to be such a productive citizen.
    I agree that the goverment must do more to screen teachers that let in to the educational system.But we must give Mr Ingraham some credit for the stand he is now taking.Like you said we are a trusting people and that has been our downfall from the outset
    Hopefully some of those terrible parents we are talking about will tune into BP see themselves and clean up their act.Maybe they will stop dropping their preteen kids of to the malls in such provocative dress, or should I say undress.Have you ever visit the marina village on a Friday night and seen the kids roaming around without any adult supervision ? And then when they leave paradise island they gather at the potters cay drinking alcohol and cavorting falling prey to the elements of the atomosphere .Thats what I am talking about,no parents want to see their child abuse but when we allow our preteen to roam the malls we are courting danger.There are unsavory persons who will entice kids into the bathroom with promises of jordan tennis and other material things parents can’t afford.You see this in movies all of the times.THE MALLS ARE ESPECIALLY KNOWN TO BE A HANGOUT FOR PEVERTS
    Thank God for your parents because I am sure when you have kids you will intill the values in them that you learned from your parents

  15. You are right about that TP. I am 25 years old. I cannot say that I have failed as a parent because I have no children. My parents did not fail me because I was always taught the importance of honor and respect for self and others. My parents inculcated a strong moral construct within me and I esteem it highly. We don’t see that much anymore. It’s because many parents have become less involved in raising their kids. This stems from many socioeconomical and sociocultural issues that I don’t need to get into. The persons at the center of my blame are the ones that committed these acts. I blame the government and the opposition because there are two things we can say here. One is that not enough background checks are done on these teachers. And the other is that if a complaint of this nature is made, the teacher is simply moved to another school or to a different island as we are sure to find out when it all comes to light. I blame a government that allowed Andre Birbal to board a flight to heaven-knows-where. I think it was last week that BP broke the story stating that Mr Birbal had been relieved of his duty as a policeman because of questionable conduct. How then do we allow this man to enter the school system? You know there are some terrible parents out there TP, but they nor their children have asked for this.

  16. @Trinity

    You are right about everything you said, but you forgot to mention if BP did not broke this story open all of us would be in the dark.I hate to go politics about this, but have we heard from Mr Christie.What about the Pastors ? how many have we heard from ? What about you and me ? we are only human we only holler when we get hit.
    As far as parents go how many of us know that our daughters are dating men older than us some of them married, but what do we do ? as long as money is involved we say nothing.How many of us see the expensive clothes, tennis jewelery etc and ask no questions.
    We know our kids are dealing in drugs prostituting themselves and we say nothing,until the police or the undertaker come knocking on our doors.But even then what do we say ? You know what we say ? “we say not my good child”.I Dare ask this question how many of us know what our kids are doing at the computer this very minute ?
    We can sit back and point fingers as much as we want nothing will ever change until we live up to our responsibilities.You are right Mr Ingraham is a hypocrite but so are we.We want to blame him and everyone else we can use as a scapegoat because of our failure as a parent

  17. Anything is possible, but I would hate to think that parents and teachers sat by knowing that those boys were being molested. I say we are just a trusting people. This is because the Bahamas that we grew up in and know and love has changed. We don’t expect little boys to be molested in the bathroom in a public place such as McDonald’s or the Mall. This is all new to us. It is truly sad, but more than ever now you have to be aware of your surroundings, where you leave your kids, who’s teaching them and a whole lot of other issues that we simply take for granted. TP, Mr Ingraham should never call anyone a hypocrite. This is a sensitive matter. And although he recently spoke out on the issue…look how long it took. We’re supposed to trust him? PLEASE!!! This story has been going for weeks, months even, and after enough of a fuss is made, he “stands up for the children”. Let this had happen in St Andrew’s where his grandchildren go….whole different story! That TP is the definition of a hypocrite!!

  18. Even though Carl Bethel is the minister in charge the blame is not entirely his. Like the Prime Minister said there far is to much turning a blind eye and far to much cover up.Teachers are aware of what is happening but refuse to speak up because they are afraid or because their friends are involved.Parents know what is happening but because it is not their child/children they say nothing, but talk and laugh behind the backs of the parents whose kids are involved.
    I agree with the Prime Minister we are a bunch of hypocrites

  19. Media I would like to know how they could issue that boy a passport without his mother’s approval. I thought you needed the parent consent and signature, that passport office is so slack. It is painful to see the degree these dangerous people would go to get what they want. What did they do to get that boy to turn away from his mother? All I could say they must be drug him and promise him all sorts of things. These some bold people to carry that woman child all the way to Canada to take advantage of him. I hope one day this boy who is now an adult would be able to catch himself and seek justice for what they did to him.

  20. Connie I agree it is not an easy topic to be discussed, but it is something that has to be addressed. If we turn a blind eye to it, we would be just like Carl Bethel and the rest of them who did nothing.

  21. This entire subject is sickening to me. We have pedophiles walking the streets have sex with girls under 16 and we have been turning our heads to it as a nation for years. Now it has come to light in the most egregious way where teachers, those who should be some of the most trustworthy adults are molesting children left in their care. The most saddening part about his even maybe even more than the act itself is the our government went to the house of assembly and sought to defend their inaction in the EMR case. I think that their is no excuse good enought to stand aside and hear of molestation with public schools and not seek to begin an investigation immediately. Carl Bethel has no excuse for what is going on in the school. Why is it he and others think that because a problem began before their time they do not have to do anything about them een thought they are in the seat of power. Carl Bethel and this administation need to stop playing pass the buck and accept their responsibility as Ministers of the government and fix what is wrong. School should be a safe haven for children. Maybe this is one of the reasons why so many kids are doing horribly and in school and some do not want to go at all.

  22. BP you are doing great job in exposing the pedophiles. I look foward to the day when you turn your focus to the lesbians that are preying on underage girls.
    I understand that this is a big thing in both Freeeport and Nassau.
    There is an event that happens every TUESDAY on east street where scores of lesbians gather.This event is so wild they call it freak Tuesday.Check it out.

  23. TROY GARVEY :@Kim Sands Ms.Sands,I have children and every other child is my child,we have to look out for each other and each other children,it hurts when you hear stories like the mother in this report believe me I know the hurt cause I shared tears with parents here in fpo,so I can just imagine what she is going through,and then Andros is coming on stream.This is 1 big mess in our country and it’s gonna take alot of uncovering to bring a resolution to this problem.I am not and will not stop until calm is at the helm of this whole ordeal.I applaud Mrs.Glennis Martin for bringing this to another level and the PM Ingraham for supporting the matter beause like you all are aware Min.Bethel was acting as this was not happening and now his whole MINISTRY is in trouble,and even though this happened under the previous GOVERNMENTS 1 right after the other it is on his WATCH.

    Mr. Garvey just the thought of those boys to coming and confiding in you about what Bribal was doing to them that speak volume about your characteristic. You had to appear to be very approachable to them; they had to felt that you would have been able to help them. I know the parents may still be hurting, but at least someone finally came to EMRH that would protect their children.

  24. @Kim Sands
    Ms.Sands,I have children and every other child is my child,we have to look out for each other and each other children,it hurts when you hear stories like the mother in this report believe me I know the hurt cause I shared tears with parents here in fpo,so I can just imagine what she is going through,and then Andros is coming on stream.This is 1 big mess in our country and it’s gonna take alot of uncovering to bring a resolution to this problem.I am not and will not stop until calm is at the helm of this whole ordeal.I applaud Mrs.Glennis Martin for bringing this to another level and the PM Ingraham for supporting the matter beause like you all are aware Min.Bethel was acting as this was not happening and now his whole MINISTRY is in trouble,and even though this happened under the previous GOVERNMENTS 1 right after the other it is on his WATCH.

  25. Troy, I respect that you were bold enough to come on BP and clear up these misconceptions. I believe others at the school may have known what was going on and turned a blind eye. Mr. Garvey, BP has already recognized you as a hero. We believe the decision to come forth and blow the whistle on that weasel Andre Birbal had to take a lot of courage on your behalf. I know Andre Birbal probably is mad with you for opening your mouth and protecting the children, but we all admire you for taking a stand against violence against children.

    When we see people like Try Garvey way in Grand Bahama and people like Exuma, and now the information we have coming in from Andros we know Bahamas Press has become the channel of information across the country and around the world. NOW YOU KNOW PEOPLE, YOU KNOW, the power is in your hands and NOT any of those WUTLESS MEDIA!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  27. I really had to interject at this point,first of all le me comment on how effecient BP is for keeping up with the happenings in the Bshamas,and to you the bloggers.Let me tell u that the incident with the 2 boys was not reported until last year,trust me this is correct,the things that was reported in 2006 were other situations occured at the school and not the 2 oys in question,but I must say that it was going on for a long time and to set the record straight I was just elected president of the emrhs pta in september 2008(THATS RIGHT 7 MONTHS) please keep up the heat here BP

  28. @Russell Johnson
    Yes I am happy it has been brought to the forefront, but why did it take so long, from 2006, My God, I cry SHAME on all of them. Thank you BP keep it up, in the words of that party, “You are simply the best”.

  29. Marley I agree with most of your comments but strongly differ with your assumption that the only reason it is brought forward is due to politics.My friend everytghing in life revolves around politics.I strongly commend Glennys for bringing this matter to the publics attention because the wuthless press is silent.Thank God for this site as we are able to vent our anger and frustations and you BP,are a God sent.Have anyone noticed that without this site nothing will be brought to the publics attention?Wuthless,wuthless press.

  30. @Marley

    Amen Marley. Those wicked politicians do not care about the children or us. You are right, they are only concerned about political brownie points, and their main concern is to keep us blindfolded and to use us to keep them in office, so they could protect the well being of themselves and their families. Andre Birbal was allowed to do whatever he wanted with those children at EMRH and in the end he was rewarded, our government cut him a farewell cheque and allowed to him to broad a plane, as if his mission here has been accomplished. We the people must become more educated so we will be better able to detect MPs with petty agendas.

  31. Yes, media keep up the good work. This matter is not something that just happened, this has been going on for a long time. I understand the PM mentioned in the House that the EMR thing was going on since 2006 and was being investigated, so the wutless PLP once again is just as bad, and now trying to score political points. My God, almost 3 years of molesting and we haven’t done anything. I cry shame on them both and say the only reason anyone is making noise is for political mileage! We need to clean House with all of them, the former Ministers in the PLP as well as the ones in the FNM, I tell you they just don’t care. They lead their privileged life and try and fatten up their bank accounts. Just see how many of them have reached into their pockets and help to even feed a child. This country need change!

  32. BP thank you so much for not allowing the situation of child abuse in the Bahamas not to be downplayed. The other wutless media has let us down, like the people who are engaging in this type of activities. I believe we all had a feeling it was going on, but we did not realize to what extent. It is so easy to throw unpleasant situations to the back of our minds and pretend that they do not exist. BP desire to bring this problem to forth front, I hope will only force us to get it right. It is hurtful to see people who were put in the position of trust are the one damaging our children lives. We must send a message that we are demanding change and we will not accept this type of behavior.

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