Mr. Christie as been fair, accessible, and most accommodating to media – But the wutless practitioners in media are SHAMELESS! Mr. Christie STAND YOUR GROUND!!!!


Mr. Christie should be applauded for his response to rank bias, unfairnes, arrogance and lack of balance in the WUTLESS MEDIA!

Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Perry G. Christie

By Jerry Roker or Bahamas Press

Nassau, Bahamas — When you throw a rock into a pack of dogs, the one that yelps, that’s the one that got hit.

Since PM Christie, correctly I must add, called them out on their rank bias, unfairnes, arrogance and lack of balance, a couple of weeks ago, those in the media that got ‘hit’ have upped the anty. They caught feelings.

For the most part, their responce confirmed that the PM was spot on. This anti-Christie brigade, clearly, are off the view that they are beyond criticism! For them there is no law, much less standards. I don’t understand the mind-set of one who believes he can say anything he wishes about someone without regard to truth, accuracy and common decency, without provoking a response from that person. That is a very arrogant, if not dangerous mindset to possess.

When I was a young boy growing up in the inner city of New Prodidence, we had a name for fellas who, when you hit them, they don’t hit back, and on a purely personal note, I wish to applaud PM Christie for responding in the manner he did to those media political hacks, parading around as professional journalists.

PM Christie has probably been the most ‘available’ and accommodating PM we have ever had, bar none. No matter where he might be, junkanoo parade at 4AM on boxing day morning, before and after Cabinet meetings, entering/leaving Parliament, social gatherings, etc. PM Christie never pushes a microphone away. This is not the behavior of a PM who has anything to hide. Young men in our society, were they to emulate his conduct and deportment could only be adding value to themselves. He is indeed a class act.

The reality folks, is that all in public life must be accountable for their conduct and behavior. There are no exceptions. To suggest that freedom of the press is under treat is absolutely ludicrous. There must be some standards in every sphere of our national endeavour. The press have none that i am aware of. They are self-regulated, which translates into them believing they can do what they wish with impunity, without recourse. This must be fixed.
By way of example, I don’t think it is proper to repeat hearsay as fact. Even in our courts, I am to understand that hearsay evidence is inadmissible.

PM Christie, I must repeat, you were quite correct sir in calling these folks out. They caught feelings, so be it. They are against you anyway and will continue to try and discredit you personally and your government. Leading up to the next general elections, they in all likelihood will turn up the heat. At least you know who they are and what their mission is and you must know that nothing is beyond them as they seek to accomplish same.

Stand your ground sir!

We report yinner decide!