Mr Khali Khalfani has died!

Mr Khali Khalfani

NASSAU|We are learning of the passing of Mr Khali Khalfani. He was also known as Lisle Alleyne which was before he converted to Islam and became known to us as Khali Khalfani.

He was a deeply committed Muslim and Africanist., who left the Bahamas and ended up settling in Senegal while continuing to nurture his Bahamian roots.

He was a person of great integrity and high principles (who intensely distrusted politicians on all sides!). He was also a person of lively intelligence and deep learning.

He will be remembered by many as a dedicated teacher in the public school system before blossoming into a gifted entrepreneur, especially with his natural oils and fragrances and African clothing.

It was always a pleasure for me to see Khalfani although the occasions for doing so became fewer and fewer as time went on.

The Bahamas will remember him. Rest on…PEACE!