Murder #103 in the Bahamas Prison!

29–year-old Mikhail Miller.

NASSAU Bahamas| Police have now opened a homicide investigation at the Bahamas Department of Corrections following that suspicious death of an inmate last month, 29–year-old Mikhail Miller.

He was found dead in his cell on the morning of November 1st. An autopsy has confirmed his death being blunt force trauma to his upper body. Someone beat the Miller to death.

On October 8th, 2021 the victim had pleaded guilty to having stolen a Samsung tablet valued at $200, and a $120 Alcatel phone all of which belonged to his mother Rose Miller.

His mother now regrets her decision to turn him into police hands back in October. Miller was sentenced to three months for stealing from his mah and had to make regular visits to the psychiatry section of the hospital to be treated.

The homicide count now climbs to 103 for the year.’

We report yinner decide!