Water and Sewerage New Chairman promotes his two sisters and cousins inside the Corporation on DAY ONE! WHAT IS THIS?!

Chairman of WSC Sylvanus Petty

NASSAU| Almost before his board could be announced and a careful review of the books at the Water and Sewerage Corporation and without any real head of Human Resources in place, Deputy Speaker and Chairman of WSC Sylvanus Petty is issuing letters for promotions at the Corporation.

The shocking announcement comes after all of the promotions by the DISGRACED former Chairman – aka “THE CHILD” – were rescinded!

Bahamas Press has learned the new MP for North Eleuthera has already promoted his two biological sisters and one cousin before the Bahamian people could find out who is sitting on the board!

BP is again warning the New Day Government that this kind of uncultured, brash, ANIMAL FARM style management of the public purse is UNACCEPTABLE, shockingly unfair, unjust, unconscionable to say the least.

The New Day Government should accept that there are still serious and dangerous levels of UNEMPLOYMENT IN THE COUNTRY! There still remains a burden of expenses which has to be paid at some point. There are thousands of young people who have yet to be given a first shot at an education much less a job in the last 20 months and the first act in the WSC Corporation is to promote ya relatives? WHAT IS THIS?!

WSC employees like most Public Corporations and Permanent and Pensionable workers never lost one day’s pay in 20 months during the beginning of the pandemic. It was wrong when police got multiple promotions over others and once again this is WRONG NOW! This cannot continue!

Meanwhile an audit of the Corporation is behind some four years with no idea what was happening with the public money all this time! The last audit was done in 2016 when Christie was PM!

BOY, I TELL YA! We ga report and let yinner decide!