Murder #144 since 2009 happened just 1:30pm today


A BP NEWS ALERT: In less than 24 hours BP is reporting murder # 144 since 2009. We can confirm around 1:30 today a 22 year old was stabbed in the head in Taylor Street, Nassau Village. He was reportedly stabbed with a screw driver by a relative during an argument. The young man was taken to hospital. He succumbed to his injuries around 3PM at PMH…


  1. you might be awake but your eyes are shut tight my boy…
    I believe the government of the Bahamas must without delay engage and facilitate the use of our defence for officers on our streets.

    this will, I believe , assist the RBPF with patrolling and eventually deterring would be criminals.

    I think consideration should be given to declare a state of emergency on the island of New Providence, ” since all would agree, crime is rampant and something should be done”…….

    with a state of emergency, a curfew will be imposed and persons on bail who is caught committing the slightest of infractions will have their bails revoked.

    an alternative to imprisonment and conviction for fist time minor offenders should be introduced these persons may be placed on parole, however, any infraction during the parole period would result in their conviction being realized which may result in their incarceration.

    It is the parent’s responsibility to train and instill discipline in their children, it is also the parents role to ensure that the child is properly socialize and know how to respond to varying situation that he/she may encounter.

    any departure from these home training must be corrected with LOVE.

    they must be given every opportunity to realign themselves. but they must not be allowed to distract, interfere or cause harm other students who is upholding the training they were thought at home.

    as we approach the new academic year, school administrators and staff must recommit themselves and broadcast as they’ve done before, a zero tolerance for school zones.

    parents and adults found being boisterous or combative in these zones could face legal action. ” laws should be drafted to reflect the same.

    I know, I started off speaking about crime in general, but I couldn’t resist trying to bend the tree rather than chopping at the forest…..

    we don’t visit here, we live here. so lets not continue to be fooled by the politicians about what is being done or not being done about crime…. Peter ain’t better than Paul in that regard, as a matter of fact, let us ensure that our children, today, know right from wrong and maybe, just maybe tomorrow would be brighter……….

    I don’t argue RED/YELLOW here, I find them both clueless in many aspects.

  2. I agree with you Krossova!, now what is your solution?.

    My solution is for Tommy T to leave his post and resign, now I know that won’t happen because one of the real leaders of the party is his father, and that’s not gonna happen on his watch, HAI gets to brag and boast every now and then, but he knows who his real bosses are, the real leaders won’t allow one of their so called special family members to be touched, so then only other solutions there is, is to take this country back, really take it back, but we will have to suffer a little while for that, example CUBA.

  3. truth, it’s people like yourself who want to splash your political paint on every bad situation this country faces.

    if, as you say the FNM, while in opposition blamed the PLP, for crime. then you know as well as anyone else that they were wrong and absolutely so.
    but here you are, acting like it’s cool to do the same thing….

    man get a life and offer a solution!

  4. You think you are but you are not funny, truthhurts; the fact of the matter is that prior to the FNM coming to office in 2007 and during the political campaign, this same Tommy Turnquest was mouthing off that the PLP could not control crime in the country and that mother Pratt didn’t know what the hell she was doing. He made it an election issue and so it is. He is a lousy minister of national security; probably the lousiest one todate. The FNM has failed in every aspect of their governance including the crime issue so enough of your bulls**t, truthhurts.

  5. How long will it be before the Minister of National Security understand that he needs to resign? How long will the P.M. take to remove him? Is this just his way of making the Bahamian people suffere???? I blame the people who supported them though. Remember, crime was a “Mother Pratt” problem.

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