Murder #69 unfolding on East Street and Soldier Road near Nicoles Beauty Supplies…

A homicide scene on East Street and Soldier Road Friday evening.

Nassau | BP was already fast asleep when gunshot from our “gunshots detector” went off multiple times and is now we have another homicide – #69 – in the capital.

We can report a war between two rival gangs; Crack Nation and Dirty South has intensified and getting hot by the minute.

A double shooting unfolded on East Street and Soldier Road has left one dead and another nursing serious injuries in hospital.

The homicide records the cold murder of Dirty South Gang member Donny. Intel tell us this latest incident is a direct retaliation of Alfred Bastian in Cooper’s Terrace near Bar 20 Corner on Thursday. Dis ga be long!

Additionally, two men were shooting at each other in Bain Town just earlier.

ALSO, robbers went to rob the dopeman in the Grove tonight, but the dopeman, like Barney, ran out in slippers before the gunmen could get to him. This is getting serious.

We report yinner decide!