Troubled relative unleashed a deadly attack on grandmother and mother today; hacking the grammy to death!


HOMICIDE #68 – Dangerous Emergency Powers and Curfews proving worst than COVID19! Murder, Suicide and ECONOMIC VIOLENCE HAVING DEADLY CONSEQUENCES DEEP IN THE COMMUNITY!

Live scenes Shabback Close where the grandmother was hacked to death!

NASSAU| A violent domestic dispute this morning ended deadly after a deranged relative unleashed an unholy machete attack in the house.

A grandmother is dead and her daughter was rushed to hospital following a domestic dispute at a home at Shabback Close today.

Police tell us the older woman was found lying in a pool of blood in a bathroom stabbed and axed multiple times about the body.

Police said the the daughter’s condition is unknown. The capture of the violent suspect is still unknown. This is the 68th homicide incident for the year.

This incident comes following the third suicide in the country for the week.

We report yinner decide!