Murder in Adelaide and schoolgirl killed by reckless Jitney driver


Another Child crushed  to death by a Jitney Driver

Nassau, Bahamas — News coming into Bahamas Press confirms that around 4:45pm Wednesday afternoon police responded to murder incident #8 in the Adelaide community.

Reports tell us a man pulled up in the area on his 350 trail bike, and was gunned down nearby. The incident occurred in the Coral Lakes vicinity just outside the Oasis Bar in the village. The victim we can report was shot multiple times in the upper body, with two fatal shots to the head.

Eyewitnesses tell us the incident was a drive by, and is believed to be the results of a drug deal gone bad. Police have no leads and yes, BP records the 320th murder incident since 2009.

Young Girl killed by Jitney Driver…

A horrifying incident just after 3:50pm on Wednesday left parents clinched tight to their children, and a community just off McCullough Corner and East Street washed in tears, as a young schoolgirl was crushed to death following a traffic accident.

A young Seesaw Academy student ran over by a jitney Wednesday afternoon on East Street and McCullough Corner.

Bahamas Press was again live in the scene and what we saw was horrific to say the least. A distraught young father could not help but fight back tears and collapse back into his vehicle, as his young 6-year-old baby girl was left motionless in the street; covered in a bloody white sheet for over an hour before an ambulance arrived to the scene. Other family members fell out in tears, beating the ground as they screamed loud into the air.

“Dey kill da child!” one woman screamed to the top of her voice repeatedly as the community gathered just a short distance from the scene.

According to eyewitnesses, the bus driver overtook a car, which stopped to let the young Seesaw Academy student cross the street just in front of the Grace Gospel Chapel Church nearby the foot of East Street’s hill. However, one woman on the bus told BP, “As the young girl was passing and the driver overtook the vehicle and a loud sound followed. I grabbed my two children to off the bus to see what happened.

“We all ran off the bus to assist, but it too late.”

Police cordoned off the area as hundreds of residents flocked the scene, helpless to revive the deceased young victim of the road rage and impatient motoring public gripping the country.

And here again we relive the incident where a young baby girl is dead, by the hands of another reckless, lawless, and perhaps intoxicated bus driver.

Readers would remember back in 2006 Julian King, a then 37-year-old bus driver, of Sea Breeze Estates, was charged with causing the death of Faith Mackey through negligent driving.

Faith was a young 6-year-old student of Carmichael Primary. She and her mother had just exited a bus on Carmichael, when King’s bus ran over the poor child. Killing her instantly.

King, a former police officer, license was suspended. Since that incident not a damn thing has been done in the country almost 6 years later to upgrade the reckless, lawless bus system of the Bahamas!

Boy, I tell ya.


A family pain to see their 6-year-old dead in the street, ran over by a speeding impatient, reckless jitney driver.
Scores of East Street residents flock the scene of the incident.