Murder strikes Governor General’s staff again!

Petty Officer Philip Perpall, Police Inspector Carlis Blatch and Darren Gibson.

NASSAU| For those who asking Bahamas Press who are the three shot murdered at Government House? Well here is our answer.

Remember the GG Aide de Camp the late Police Inspector Carlis Blatch. He was fatally shot in 2018 outside H O Nash Junior High School to pick up his son. Timothy Cole was sentenced to 33 years for his murder.

Then the Royal Bahamas Defence Force Petty Officer Philip Perpall was shot dead at Government House, which was under heavy gunfire where not one service weapon worked and CCTV was out in 2019. Ya mean only BP remembers this?! The accused killer was not found guilty, which means his killer could still lurking somewhere on the streets.

Now today the messenger at Government House shot outside a home on Hamster Road off Faith Ave. Darren Gibson was a messenger at the Office of the Governor General. Last year Gibson was beaten and stabbed multiple times. His son Gibson jr was murdered in Sandilands Village. And now today Gibson Sr. is murdered and the only question we have here is: who vets these people in sensitive government departments?

Someone is not paying attention. The blind could see something is going on around the GG Office.

But guess what? We ga keep reporting, reminding yinner, and letting yinner decide cause people around here look like they do forget fast what happening all around them.

We report yinner decide!