Naked defiance, skullduggery, treachery and coup de main towards Christie


<<< Rt. Hon. Perry Gladstone Christie [Left] now being undermine and attacked quietly in the Tribune by Obie Wilchcombe [right].

Nassau, Bahamas — Public money in the Ministry of Tourism was spent without Cabinet approval when Obie Wilchcombe was minister. Tourism numbers were pulled out of the sky and cooked up when Wilchcombe headed the ministry. A Bahamian parliamentarian namely, OBIE WILCHCOMBE, was said to be “the initiator” in a plot to extort $25 million form Hollywood actor John Travolta. And the private business of the PLP is once again thrown into the public domain like rank ‘pissy’ underwear by the man we call ‘DA SNITCH’!

Only hours after BP warned the PLP to throw their official ‘SNITCH’ under, Wilchcombe was once again practicing his art of SNITCHING on the PLP to the Toilet Paper.

Once again he was in the press sullying the ‘good’ name of PLP Party leader Perry Gladstone Christie and using the departure of former Vice Chair Melissa Sears to do the job.

Bahamas Press has learned Paul Turnquest the hitched ghostwriter in the Toilet Paper is a close, ‘VICKEDLY’ CLOSE aide of the SNITCH! Birds of a feather indeed do flock together and on that we say no more.

We know on yesterday morning Wilchcombe was seen laughing like a Harlem SISSY following the attack on Christie in the Tribune. There the paper went on to say, Sears left the party because she was, “Offended by verbal remarks made by the PLP party leader.” Christie we are told has violently denied making any such comments and we believe this is true. However, we wonder if Sears will also scotch the paper for its untruths. We shall wait and see.

BP can confirm the Toilet Paper never spoke with Sears, never attempted to contact Sears nor had they ask anyone close to her to forward such questions to her asking what was her reason[s] for stepping down from her elected position in the PLP.

Rather, the paper we know, did indeed speak with the Party ‘Snitch’ only hours before the article was published attacking Christie. Wilchcombe could be heard telling the Tribune in its Monday edition the following:

Sears is an outstanding young woman who still has a career in politics.

She is an outstanding orator and has her hands around the issues facing people. She believes in people and has committed herself to helping the least amongst us. Her decision does not mean her political life is over or her relationship with the PLP, said the West End and Bimini MP. [Side photo of Tribune reporter Paul Turnquest [Da Snitch pal] in the face of Christie].

It is by no accident the ‘SNITCH’ quickly grabbed this moment of spotlight to then draw his dull sword on Party leader Christie and then went on to explain why Sears left the Party.

This is not the first time Wilchcombe has shown blatant disregard for his leadership and it is this kind of naked defiance, skullduggery, treachery and coup de main towards Christie that has shaped public perception of his leadership.

During the PLP administration, Wilchcombe openly displayed his disregard for Christie when he stormed out of a Cabinet meeting as the then Prime Minister lectured members on leaking information to the FNM press machines. Like a spoil child in soil diapers Wilchcombe began pushed his seat backwards as he violently stormed out of the Cabinet Room and disappeared in the hall. Now if this was Hubert Ingraham what you think would a happen? Ingraham would lock the door and would have told the Snitch to carry his YOU_KNOW_WHAT!

As we did with Malcolm Adderley we now warn, again,  Christie and the high command of the PLP to deal with OBIE NOW! Yinner ain’t gatta take our advise but don’t say we didn’t warn ya. Throw him under the bus! Lift him out the boat! Cast DAT SNAKE now talking to the devil outta the tree! Christie we warn you now before his venom sinks deep in your flesh!

Obie ‘SNITCH’ Wilchcombe will be the downfall of the PLP come 2011…MARK OUR WORD!


  1. I wish for Mrs Sears to speak and clear the air one way or the other.A guessing game has emerged and Mrs Sears whether she knew it or not has the ear of the Bahamian people and must say something.I am very impressed with this young Leader from the future leadership of this country and hope she emerges and clears up all of the innuendos.

  2. BP,

    if the truth be told, hardly any of the Vice Chairs have function in their capacity since the lost of the elections in 2007 as it relates to their different portfolios, and that may be for many different reasons, however it does not mean they are in capable. It is so unfortunate, that people would use Sears resignation as a means to carry out their own agendas, and no body knows what the real story is. Additionally the very same people that talk about Nation Building are the very same people that are tearing down, How quick we are to destroy this young lady because she made a personal decision to resign her post…..there are people who have stepped down before and people will step down in the future, what is the real issue, are we saying people don’t have a democratic right in this country to make their own decisions. Why are we as Bahamians so quick to kill each other? In my opinion, there are fractions in the party creating mischief, which shows again disunity and for every one you attack, all you do is weaken the party as a whole, the more PLPs kill each other the more they weaken the party they are giving so much ammunition to the FNM, and if you notice the FNM is quiet on this issue, because they are plotting. One thing about the PLP, they always play their dirty laundry out in the public domain. I will leave this one last comment with you, there are hundreds of young people who are quiet and watching how this going down, yes you have some commenting, but for every one that comment, hundreds are quiet and both parties have not done their youth justice, truth or consequence said Sears didn’t function in her capacity, well more than her didn’t, many, many more and one has to wonder about these portfolios and positions. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction

  3. Press Release
    Bradley B. Roberts
    Progressive Liberal Party
    Tribune Story a pack of lies

    28th April 2010

    For Immediate Release

    The Progressive Liberal Party makes reference to a headline story in the Tribune today, the 27th April 2010 under the heading, “PLP chief ‘offended’ by Christie remarks.” We are again appalled and express our profound disappointment in a newspaper of note that is apparently committed to yellow journalism, tall tales, and sensationalism all at the expense of investigative journalism, the truth, fairness, and balance which are the tenets and the hallmark of journalistic integrity.

    The PLP brands the contents of the story malicious in nature and bold faced lies that exist only in the mind of the writer. The PLP calls on the Tribune to withdraw those libelous comments about the leader of the PLP and all those involved and affected.

    The PLP reminds the Tribune that the role of the Great Fourth Estate is to be the guardian of the truth and to protect and represent the public interest through transparency, integrity, honesty, fairness, and balance. The Tribune does the discipline of journalism a disservice by engaging in acts of fabrication in addition to meaningless and baseless attacks on the character and integrity of innocent people; this is shameless and totally unacceptable.

    The Tribune must withdraw this story and issue a public apology forthwith.

  4. BP,sometimes you put too much credence on spectulation; stories that are in circulation that you know to be all speculation. Sears was one of about 9-12 elected and appointed vice-chairs of the party. She was not functioning in her assigned duties because of, as I understand it,her job; so she resigned from her post; what’s the big deal? Besides people come and they go; they take positions and do nothing in them and really should go to make room for those who wish to perform. Melissa Sears, was a speech as far as I saw her, that’s all. She was assigned several portfolios by the Chairman and I don’t know of one thing that she accomplished; Is she capable? No question about that; but she never did in the almost two years she has been a vice-chair of the great PLP.

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