Nassau Guardian gets new GM and sacks JOA deal with 'Toilet Paper'!


sandra_knowles<<< Sandra Knowles appointed General Manager of the Nassau Guardian.

Bahamas Press is reporting former General Manager of the Broadcasting Corporation, Sandra Knowles, has assumed control of the Nassau Guardian as General Manager. The announcement comes on the heals of a fallout between the two morning dailies. The fallout we can now report with the Tribune resulted the ultimate BREAKUP of its Joint Operation Agreement [JOA].

Tribune [TOILET PAPER] staffers we know were ordered off the Nassau Guardian’s property and ordered by Ferguson to “Carry along with them its ‘sack of tricks’ in which they  attempted to bury the paper as the worse in the Bahamas.

We can now confirm former head of the Guardian Group of Companies, Anthony Ferguson, will focus attention on the now ‘shaky’ COLINAIMPERIAL and its new Ansbacher Bank acquired by Colina.

It was in early June this year when AF Holdings Limited had reported that it had secured full Government approval to complete its acquisition of Ansbacher (Bahamas) Limited from the Ansbacher Group. Ansbacher (Bahamas) Limited merged with the AF subsidiary Sentinel Bank and Trust Company Limited owned and operated by the Colina Group.

Upon the acquisition Anthony Ferguson, Director of AF Holdings Limited, said “We are truly delighted to conclude the purchase of Ansbacher (Bahamas) Limited, a matter that has been on our agenda for some while. We believe this acquisition is an excellent strategic fit that will significantly expand our product offerings and capabilities in some important lines of business – resulting in economies of scale that will bring considerable value to our clients and make our collective operations that much stronger.”

Knowles was a former consultant at the Nassau Guardian. The newspaper is also facing a $1.5 million lawsuit in the Supreme Court.


  1. This woman must be made an impression on Manny or he getting weak in his old age, I can’t believe he’s letting her out of Colina in one piece. She should be thankful he is just transferring her over to the Guadian. That’s more than I could say he did for previous HR managers. I don’t know what is going on at Colina, but they seem to have a problem with their HR managers getting too comfortable. This woman just reached Colina and the most she could have been there is little over a year and a few months and he is already willing to replace her. It seems to me, that it is a waste of time applying for the HR managerial position at Colina; because you already know your days there would be numbered. You ask them why they keep changing people in top management, the first thing they would say is, the company vision changed and they have to get people that are in line with their new vision. I mean the way their vision keeps changing; it’s no wonder why the company is so unstable, because they are too hasty and they don’t give the old vision time to work.

  2. Wasn’t this lady hired as GM of ZNS back in the 90’s, this seems like the same Red tool, where is the unbias media, one by one, the voices are being taken away, she is just another one of their cronies, I think if the PLP were the government today and the same things were going on, crime, the economy, the front pages would be riddled with PLP this, PLP that, but observe the front pages, they are hitting the PLP and they are not even the government, these people are getting everything they want, because a small section of our society is selling us out, thank god for Bahama Press, ya’ll can hit out at the PLP, FNM, BDM, NDP, whoever wants to step forward I don’t care BP, just keep hitting, HIT’EM ALL WITH THE TRUTH!!!!.

  3. BP, what was the cause of the fallout?

    Did the real intentions of the owners of the Tribune come to light to soon before their evil plans of media domination was in full operation?

    They tried to buy out several radio stations a few years back and got rebuffed and since government changed back in 2007, we have seen 2 radio stations owners constantly in the news. Ironic hey?

    Moral of the story, never go to bed with the Devil.

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