Wendall Jones broadcast license has been cancelled by URCA!


The Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority (URCA) has cancelled the radio license of Jones Communications Ltd/JCN and Love 97FM. Bahamas Press can now confirm Jones along with other stations failed to register with the new regulation authority and therefore its station licenses were suspended. Bahamas Press will continue to follow this BREAKING STORY….


  1. I call them runners of interference and now we are seeing that anyone who appears to be a threat to PAPA are eliminated,socially and financially.Even with post office boxes there is a moratorium for paying fees.This is oh so wrong and those doing these hurtful acts must remember that one reaction causes another.So called historians on this site better read Animal farm to glean what is happening.This is sickening.

  2. @william
    William, I have no problem with your comments with regards to “real change” but we must see this emanating from our leaders and based on the political appointments that I have seen in the judicial and financial system, I asked, why must real change start now with one of the oldest independent radio stations around.

    I am a Bahamian first and not a personal friend or fan of Mr. Jones but even ZNS with all its financial support from the government is deep in debt so why not exercise a bit of tolerance to a Bahamian who has acted in my view very independent and has in his employ many Bahamians.

  3. @william Well I definitely agree with you, I’m sure there is more to this story, but I’ll sit back and observe, thanks my boy.

  4. @Awakened
    Under the new regulations URCA was created and all persons with broadcasting licenses had to submit certain documentation by the end of November, My friend and a PLP at that told me that when he handed in his stuff, he was told that there was still some outstanding and he said I bet Jones is one. All I am saying is that if we want real change we must see to obedience and compliance no matter who the person is. That is why this country is in the state it is now, lawlessness and we turn a blind if the person belongs to the party we support, or a friend, or has money etc.etc.

  5. @william William, do you seriously think that it was that simple, he didn’t comply, Jones is a businessman, who has ran his establishment this long, when NIB ask him to pay, he found the funds and paid it, he has defended himself for years and has held his head up, and all it was, “He Did Not Comply”, I find that hard to believe, although he has been discredited by the media, what did he not comply to William?, please let us know, BEST OF LUCK Mr. Jones.

  6. Jones did not comply with the new regulations and URCA had given them a deadline, I do not think anyone is particularly out to get him. We cannot want change if we do not want it across the board.

  7. @Altec I agree with you totally, I see Jones as an independent voice who would not settle for any side of the political divide, but this team wants to jam him, elections are coming soon and they need to consolidate their media machinery, I hope all goes well for him, because like I said he is the only independent voice out there in the government licensed media.

  8. For the last 12 months WJ business affairs has been all over the press. Its obvious that the powers that be was only laying the foundation for this ultimate end. WJ got set right up, lol. I wonder who he piss off in the Ingraham administration. It seems like since 2007, this man had a bulls eye on him.

    The Saunders family, owners of More 94 FM, better watch out. They maybe next on the hit list!

    I bet you that the radio stations owned by the owners of the Tribune were probably the only ones to “register.” Bahamians better wake up and see whats going on!

    BP, i know you aint surprise, and neither am i. The take over by you know who, is well under way!

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