Nassau has gone funky one BP reports…


Nassau, Bahamas — The songwriter who wrote the song “Nassau become such a Funky town” was years ahead of his time. Nassau is now the Funkiest town. Even the “PITBULL former PM” don’t want to hang around!

Yesterday  (2.09.2012), 8:45am as I took my Sunday morning drive heading west on Shirley Street, to my amazement a fit middle age man is jogging casually east opposite CIBC BALD NAKED! Yes, IN HIS BIRTHDAY SUIT.

To my shock a marked Police car passed the man as if nothing was wrong. If you don’t laugh you would cry!

After that unreal experience, I stopped at my Coffee spot DD Bay street. I got my order and sat in DD’s therapeutic environment with many tourists getting their early morning fix. To my surprise a lone gunmen brandishing an eighteenth century Smith & Western in his waist.

I was shocked and in spite of the young man, a 20+ year old PIRATE clothed in his costume from his establishment across the street, in my opinion the costume accessories (guns or swords) should not be allowed to leave their establishment.

We are opening a can of worms.

Yes, Nassau has become such a Funky town, and if you don’t laugh you would cry!

We report yinner decide!


  1. Thats nothing new; I saw a car driving on the wrong side of the road heading south on seabreeze road, just as you turn right on seabreeze road. It was driving opposite into on coming traffic which was on the rightside of the road and there was this patrol car just in front of me, so I know they saw that, not only that cars had to avoid not getting hit head on, and the patrol car never intervene to try and so the car or even turn on its siren. The patrol care just when about it own business not the business and protection of other people.

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