National Insurance has no record of the Bain Town FNM candidate in its records!


Where is the FNM candidate employed?

The National Insurance Board headquarters.

Nassau, Bahamas – More questions are being uncovered about the legitimacy of the Bains and Grants Town FNM candidate’s declarations before the Returning Officer on Nomination Day.

Bahamas Press understands candidate, Travis Robinson, declared that he had a salary of some $35,000. This is strange because the candidate could not tell any reporter nor anyone from BP where he was employed!

More interestingly, our information confirms the National Insurance Board has no records of any contributions from the candidate nor is there any confirmation as to any registered company making contributions on his behalf? How dishonest!

Bahamas Press calls on members of the FNM to explain this report!

Who is paying Robinson? Where is he employed? And from last check from students at the University of the Bahamas, it was understood that he was a full time student!

Someone must explain dis!

We report yinner decide!

Meanwhile while texting another FNM candidate with the selfie the Bain Town candidate wrote-off his declared $4,500 vehicle. What a mess!