Nation’s Chief Apostle gets bush cleaning contract from Minnis Cabinet!

The Nations Chief Apostle Leon Wallace at The Opening Of Parliament 2017.

Nassau – Breaking News coming into our newsroom now confirms PM Minnis has just awarded another relative a $100,000 contract at the University of the Bahamas.

The relative, who is also and is an employee within the government service, will now perform an extra contractual job [in addition to with the government pay] for the University.

PM Minnis told the nation that the big six-dollar salaries were no more after coming to government. However, what he didn’t say is that his relatives would be exempted from the rules. Algernon Cargill is another relative of the PM and beneficiary of the Minnis Government, who enjoys another six-figure salary inside the Ministry of Tourism. He you would remember was fired for cause at the National Insurance Board after dangerous allegations of corruption and selfdealing!

Meanwhile, we are getting word that the Nation’s Chief Apostle Rev. Dr. Leon Wallace is singing the praises of the Minnis Government after being awarded an $80,000 contract as the new Chaplain at the Bahamas Department of Corrections.

The stylish television preacher was also one of the Queen’s New Year’s Honour recipients and was awarded the O.B.E for his contributions in religion.

Apostle Wallace also has a roadside contract on New Providence to cut bush for the government. The Apostle was spotted on Tuesday leaving the Prison Service after holding a meeting and being chauffeured off in his brand new government registered and issued blue Buick vehicle. The Apostle could possibly be practicing for the Governor General top post.

Taking a line from BP a prisoner dressed in stripes was heard while cutting the grass said, “What in da hell is dis?”, as the Nation’s Chief Apostle made his powerful exit from the facility.

We report yinner decide!