The PLP Viceroy confirms that the Guardian has lost its balance!

Exuma and Ragged Island MP Chester Cooper arrives at the House of Assembly to destroy the FNM Government. – FILE PHOTO (Photo by Torrell Glinton)

From The Chairman of The PLP
Responding To Guardian Editorial On Chester Cooper
For Immediate Release
17 January 2019
The Nassau Guardian’s Editorial writers have lost all sense of balance, logic and reason. Their editorial today attacking Chester Cooper and the PLP lacks logic; it is silly; it is stupid; it is devoid of reasoning.
The Bible tells us before you start examining the mote in another’s eye, you ought to take the mote out of your own eye.  The godless Guardian editorialist ought to take note.
In more secular parlance, however, we point out that he who comes to equity must come with clean hands.  The Nassau Guardian must explain why it has this unreasoning penchant for biased political hatred toward the PLP.  They must say why they are so passionate about the PLP coming back to office.  They are like Lady Macbeth: protesting too much.
It is because Colina, the insurance company, which is also owned by the same owner as that of the Nassau Guardian, stands to lose that 100 million dollars annual contract for Government insurance when National Health Insurance comes into being under a PLP administration?
Is it because of the familial relationship between the Managing Editor of the Nassau Guardian and the two FNM MPs, one of whom is a Minister of the Government?
The Guardian cannot see the forest for the trees.
They keep harping on the past.  A line was drawn under that past on 10 May 2017.  The PLP is looking forward.  The Guardian can only look backward to help their friends who are now in power because the newspaper must see what only the blind do not see:  that the FNM is dead in the water.  You can stick a turkey in them.  They are done.  It is only a matter of time.
Speaking about the present, what about the phony Oban deal and the Town Centre Mall conflict of interest FNM scandal, just to name a few in the present?
Chester Cooper is one of our finest sons.  The PLP will put together a competent team of men and women to offer the Bahamian people.  With God’s help and without the Nassau Guardian if necessary, we plan to prevail and usher in an era of prosperity and good governance, kindness not meanness and falsehoods.  We do not intend to lie our way into office and then rely on propagandists at the Nassau Guardian in order to maintain a deceitful win.