Neil Clarence Ellis Circle of Excellence celebrated students in annual Speech and Essay winners on Bimini!


BIMINI| Bishop Neil Clarence Ellis this past week celebrated young students in the annual speech and essay competition which was held at the Bimini World Resorts on the island.

The event was in two phases; first with an essay competition and then a speech competition where the winner was inducted in the Neil C Ellis Circle of Excellence.

The first place winner was Me’Kell Hanna followed by Alajah Rolle.Third place winner was Hemani Smith and fourth place went to Rayden Saunders.

Award of Excellence was created as an annual community initiative that is set to evolve into The Neil C. Ellis Circle of Excellence. Bishop Ellis confirmed, “…this gathering of excellent minds and amazing talents was designed to be credited for giving birth to the type of support, networks and influence necessary for global reach and impact in the lives of these young people many years hence.”

This year’s contestants represent Bimini’s most outstanding primary school students for the school year 2023/4.

We congratulate them all.