NEMA Supplies shipped to Long Island Stolen by FNM General?


Suplies shipped to the family islands by NEMA cannot reach its intended destination - FILE PHOTO.

Long Island, BahamasBahamas Press is investigating complaints by residents on Long Island following a discovery where hurricane supplies destined for pensioners were taken by a senior general of the Free National Movement and used for repairs to his business and home.

The big-time FNM, who we will not name at this time, collected supplies, which were shipped by NEMA for distribution to poor struggling pensioners on the island. We are told the senior general of the governing party took the material and used them on his complex, which is located in the Miley community. The general rents one of the units in his complex to a government agency on the island.

A resident told BP, “Weeks have passed before supplies had reached the island and when it did, the FNM general took the supplies shipped for the pensioners and began repairs to the roof on his business units. This cannot be right, what has happened to the poor and old who cannot afford material and have leaky homes?

“Where are all the lumber and plywood for the poor people? We are just suffering here!”

Additionally, we are told supplies were also delivered to general’s home where minor repairs are being done at that location as well.

Bahamas Press
calls on Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham to open an investigation on the developments happening on Long Island with NEMA supplies.

We ask the PM to order that general to refund NEMA the full dollar value of the supplies earmarked for poor senior citizens; many who are still waiting for repairs to their battered homes following Hurricane IRENE.


  1. Ahhhh blow it South Long Island don’t blame it on the PLP for persons coming to the papers to voice their opinons hun, people are hurting and struggles of hardship is face upon everyday as the lord grants us to see it. If its not all truth then it must be half the truth. You know Long Islanders can be classified as one The Knock Out (you figure it out the other newspaper that exaggerate a little)however Long Island is made up of North and South what happen to the north residents??? Why are persons being hand picked for those supplies. Many on the island still need assistance they needed it before the storm and now its even a greater demand and storms are still travelling. Now you wanna talk political! the north is the rejected stone of long island because it is said that there are more PLP supportes up there so really South Long Island who playing politics? Ppl are hurting man lets get really and try handle these people like we care for them ok! when was the last time you ever saw your representative. The storm blew and he still passed by! Many people here suffering who aint old aged some roofs still in disrepair and the thing is the representative know very well that most of the people especially in the north are employed by the two hotels which are close therefore resulting in no income to even assist themselves to repairs. Btw if the items were sent for the poor pensioners why did the general took personal gain when he is very capable of affording his own supplies? Get it together plz!

    • You will note that the General is now addressing the matter with the Island’s Administrator and NEMA in Nassau to ensure that all manner investigations are carried out on an unbiased nature and in an effort to confirm that no wrong doing occured. Additionally, NEMA representatives had received an application from the General along with a number of others persons who were granted relief items by way of due process and as a matter of record. Are you suggesting that the General is sufficiently authorized to demand property from a governmental institution ? and if so why now – your pretense is and remains illogical. You will also be aware that the General is now taking steps to advise the Office of the Prime Minister as he is not one to have his name drug through the mud as you are attempting. The General is one of very few persons who has never depended upon nor ever received political favour from any party and is known in the Bahamas as being one of the most honest disciplined Bahamians as judged by anyone’s yard stick. I can assure you that the General is never afraid to voice his opinion as you will certainly find out in due course.

      As you will be best advised, the General’s late father was one of the founding members of the PLP (along with the other Long Islander’s) who you now seek to disrepest and denegrate with this foolishness which remains one of the reasons that Long Island’s support is well known and for good reason.

      I must admnit that you BP are true to your character and you remain without doubt a stellar example of the PLP and its related political foolishness.

      Your lack of research and untruths speaks for itself.

      You should be ashamed.

  2. Evil is amongst us! If this is true, it’s sad. This is becoming typical of many Bahamians, I wouldn’t say most, but the numbers are staggering.

    Pensioners. Could you imagine? Jesus needs to make his return to this earth and take the righteous home because I mean, it’s finished! What’s next???

  3. Dear Sirs:

    This story is an untruth and once again PLP Political skullduggery and propaganda. The Gentleman you speak of is an FNM supporter and has always been so. This gentleman had recieved these items for repair along with all other persons in South Long Island. I believe that you should also note that the “General” as you call him visited all of the older persons regardless of political affiliation to ensure that they received items for thier homes during and after distribution and to ensure all was well with them. You should also report how this indivdual is a frequent donator of food and items to ALL of the needy and unfortunate in his settlement which is not Miley and while the Government and more importantly the PLP ignores the people of South Long Island he remains steadfast in support of them.

    I think you should also note that none of his business units were repaired and that only damage to his house was repaired. Its sad that you would attempt to disparage a good upstanding citizen to further your political cause.

    But then as Bahamas Press exists as an intellectully circumsized political ragsheet of little importance IGNORANCE would be your only asset.

    My you are truly really pathetic.


    The People of South Long Island

      • Dear Mr. Andrew Burrows:

        On behalf of the General, I suggest that you do name him as we are preparing to take legal action in the coming days should you and your website not retract the story and provide an apology. Please accept this as your written warning letter.

        We have contacted the Island administrator, NEMA and the Office of the Prime Minister.



        The General’s faithful Servant.

    • The gentleman? We didn’t say wither it was a man or woman. We said it was a GENERAL! A GOON! That could be a man or woman.


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