New Cabinet Secretary to be appointed as a major shakeup and shuffle comes to Minnis Government!


Major Government shakeup coming!

A new Cabinet Secretary is set to be appointed in Minnis Government as major shakeup begins.

Nassau – Now this is a weekend to follow BP as major breaking developments are now coming in on the structural changes now taking place in the Minnis Government.

We know all Permanent Secretaries will shuffle, but before those changes come, a change in Cabinet portfolios are underway.

Cabinet met most of yesterday to finalize those changes, which we can tell you was a high cussing match.

We can tell you the Secretary of the Cabinet, Camille Johnson, is headed home. She will retire and go home to enjoy family. She bungled the job seriously particularly during the Oban Scandal, which was shrouded in Malfeasance, Misfeasance and Fraud.

Frontrunners to replace Johnson are PS David Davis and Marco Rolle. Both are exceptionally competent senior Cabinet Secretary material. May the best man win.

Now we want yinner to keep following our page as we get the blow by blow on these exercises, which are fluid and are being finalized as we write. BP ga be hot this weekend.

We report yinner decide!