New Day Minister setting up to fail at NIB!

NIB staffer gives Minister a piece of her mind!

NASSAU| PLPs around the country got the shock of their lives today when the wife of Carl Culmer greeted incoming NIB Minister Myles Laroda like lovers as he toured NIB on Wednesday.

The Minister toured the services of the Board and then addressed the press. Ah, well!

Now Minister Laroda can’t be serious.  On day one he is embracing people who came into NIB like operators of some Squid Game, people who hunted down PLPs, firing them out of that headquarters, while promoting incompetent staff onto the Board.

If the FNM Chairman’s wife is hiring, promoting and firing PLPs, what yinner Ministers in the Davis Cabinet think will happen three years down the road? This is insane?!

FNM Chairman Culmer will be directing who gets promoted to the Board! And it was his wife who witnessed and supported the most corrupt hiring practices in his history of NIB! Yinner gat problems ya know!

Boy, look like if we leave the management of NIB in the hands of this crew, Mama DEM will have trouble getting her pension.

NIB has a team of highly skilled, professional talent who were sent home on Day One of the Minnis Government. Some were attacked in Parliament by the ROGUE FNM MINNIS GOVERNMENT for their professionalism and class at the Board! Their one reason for being fired was because they knew the CORPORATION INSIDE OUT!

Many of those are BP friends! And if the PLP NEW DAY CREW wants nothing to do with us… then it is simple … we at BP will want nothing to do with dem! It is as SIMPLE AS THAT!


We ga report and let yinner decide!