Cabinet Minister seeks to appoint his wife on a GOVERNMENT BOARD! THIS IS A DAMN CONFLICT!!!


NASSAU| The New Day Government is starting off tripping down and falling hard on the floor as they seek to set up its agenda for change. But will it work with the appointment of FNMs in key positions?

Last week a Cabinet Minister decided to trip down the NEW DAY team by the seeking to have appointed to a KEY Government Board his wife and a big-time FNM.

The wife is from a prominent Bahamian family, but never really showed any real interest in the PLP. The known FNM served on many FNM committees and board under former disgraced Minnis FNM and was often seen laughing around circles in the FNM while attacking PLPs. But now this dude is in!

Anyway – like we at BP say, WE GA REPORT – AND YINNER DECIDE!