New PLP Government is Late Again to name Government Boards! WHAT IS THE HELL IS THIS?


New PLP government not ready on day one! Government Boards not seated on July 1st deadline!

LATE, indecision, stall stigma quickly branding the PLP GOVERNMENT!

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — One hundred days is quickly approaching the newly elected PLP government and in the ethos of some the “Late Again” stigma is hitting the government like a woman whose middle name is “Harlot”.

Just days ago the idea that the PLP would be ready on day one appeared possible, but today’s indecision, indecisive, slow snail’s pace to announce government boards confirms that the new government was no way near ready for the task.

In fact, if you have followed the media like BP, you would have seen echoes of spin by the PLP to have all boards seated by the beginning of the new fiscal term – July 1. NOT SO!

If fact, BP understands the Christie Cabinet was just starting its arduous task today to begin gathering lists for the board appointments. LATE AGAIN!

What could the “geriatrics” and half brain-dead new generation of leaders been doing all these days before they realized the country cannot function without properly appointed boards? LATE AGAIN!

The only board fully appointed and engaged in the management of its assignment after  two months in office is the College of the Bahamas Board and on that are some known FNMs.

It is Unbelievable!

FNMs are, in fact, advising the late again government and thus it is no wonder that “FAILURE” must be the word of choice around the table. Late again!

Now, what is also beginning to irk us with this slow one term bunch is the fact that we at BP see no evidence or intent to inform the public on the serious investigations that were echoed against the last administration on the campaign trail.

Like, what about that serious Cabinet Secretary-led investigation out of the Ministry of Tourism where money was paid to a shell company with no staff or board. Yeah, that same company which only had $10 in the bank but was paid more than Eight Hundred and Twenty-Five Thousand Dollars. Payment directed and coached by former Tourism minister, Vincent Vanderpool Wallace. What in the hell is happening with that?

Here’s another: why is it the people of the Bahamas cannot know what is the true number of persons made citizens since 2007 to the Election date of May 7th, and, how many of those citizenships were granted between November 2010 to May 7th 2012.

Do ya think someone in the government could give us the answer to that?

What is absolutely mind-boggling about this new Late Again New Generation of Leaders PLP Government is the fact that no one could tell us anything on the former gone FNM Government.

Boy we tell ya, the more things change, the more they remain the same!


We report, yinner decide!