NEWS ALERT & EXCLUSIVE!! Bethel files against Government


Cheryl Grant-Bethel has good and valid reasons to file her case against the Government of the Bahamas.

Here is another attempt by the FNM Government to destroy young women professionals.

Matter Between Bethel and Government filed today!!!!



  1. @Truth. As a Bahamian, I would prefer to see that post held by a Bahamian and am disappointed that it wasn’t. I wouldn’t, however, be quick to suggest that Mrs. Grant-Bethel is the right person for the job. Afterall, the record of criminal prosecutions in that country is abismal at best. I don’t know why she was not offered the job, but it seems quite clear that she was considered. With regard to this sexual harrassment allegation, I wouldn’t be so gullible as to believe this. This romour was started by BP which has consistantly tried to malign the CJ. Notice there is no mention of this in her affidavit.

  2. Finley, can I appeal to any sense of f.a.i.r.n.e.s.s you may have left in you to just read the account of Mrs. Bethel’s case again and put your spouse in her shoes and see what you, then conclude? Some things are just right to do, Finley man, and the fairness or unfairness shouldn’t be determined PLP or FNM’ism; please man put your wife in Mrs. Bethel’s shoes. I am sick and tired of those of us who can’t see past PLP or FNM in determining the rightness or the wrongness of a situation.

  3. The process was not followed and the committee that interviewed Bethel should have told her that she was not selected for the post.PAPAs intervention in this matter is another reason why powers of a PM must be diminished.Like many other matters that have been determined since this wutless Govt came to power human decency are not even considered.Supporterts of PAPA who attempt to defend his wutless actions should hang their heads in shame and ask God,s forgiveness for being so gullible.OSWALD BROWN used to be just like finley and Eagle intransigent supporters of PAPA until he got the boot.A sex predator believes that any female must conform to his wishes and if rejected “hell hath no fury like a punk male scorned”.I advise any voter in the BAHAMAS that come Gen Elects campaigning slam your doors in the faces of anyone who is running on PAPAS ticket.Christian Council where are you?I am going to become a MUSLIM as bullies are running amok in our country without fear .Shame on the wutless Govt and its dictator leader.

  4. Additionally, BP will be writing the SPEAKER soon to attain proper accreditation to cover the Parliament.


  5. We don’t have the PM’s response because the his office never send it to us. WE accept we are not in the circular Hubert Ingraham.

    THE WUTLESS FNM Deputy Director at BIS Sharon Turner refuse to acknowledge. We are the preeminent global news network in the country. We break more story a day than what those WUTLESS papers have done collective in two years.

    We would like to say a SPECIAL THANK you to all our loyal informants who provide us with documented files. KEEP IT COMING!


  6. Objective, if you do not believe the PM, that does not mean that he is lying. Truth, it is this sense of entitlement that we must get a hold of.Provide evidence of your statements!On its face, the very fact that their is an examination and an interview proves your reasoning is flawed. This is not a legal matter. Mr. Munroe should not take Mrs. Bethel’,s money with this weak opening stanza!

  7. Eagle, but don’t you think Mrs. Bethel was handled in a very shoddy way? She, like you would have expected after acting in that position so many times and being very effective, expected to be confirmed in the post. It is normal that when, in government and indeed most private sector positions, you act in a position for a while you are then confirmed. It is understood, certainly, in government positions, and indeed normal that you would act for a year and then almost automatically confirmed in the post. What Ingraham has done here is highly immoral if not illegal by precedent. Mrs. Bethel certainly has a case which the government will be bound to defend. She has precedent on her side; her qualifications and she will show, I am told, that other possible reasons why she may have been discriminated against and certainly there are laws against discrimination of every kind. Both Barnett and Delaney may be called to answer to the charge of sexual harrassment while Mrs. Bethel worked under their leadership in the department. Barnett, I am advised, was very vulgar in his approach in his efforts to get her to have sex with him and her refusal and disdain of him may have some bearing on the reason why Ingraham reconsidered his promise to her and has treated her like the four-footed animal he is. Then to import a Jamaican female national for the post? No way we as a people should tolerate this bull****. These Predators in the Public service ought to be weeded out. I am with you Mrs. Bethel; change must come and soon.

  8. BP, why haven’t you posted the response from the PM’s office to these claims yet???

    You need to show how the PM could tell some bold faced lies!!! I, for one, don’t believe a word that comes out of his mouth but God will deal with him no matter what happens in this case…

    So what exactly does Mrs. Bethel want??
    Is it to show that the PM interfered with the process or????

  9. Thank you BP for publishing this in its entirety. This is a real public service that you provide. I’m no lawyer, but Mrs. Grant-Bethel’s case looks pretty weak to me. Her “promotion” seem to have been effected by the letter of the law. She was interviewed by the appropriate authority, and the decision was theirs, not hers. It appears that she was given ample notice of their decision and adequate time to clear her office. It seems to me that she is was the defiant party in all of this. Where did this idea come from that we could be interviewed for a job, and then demand from our interviewer that they give the job to us? The real world never worked like that…I, for one, wish it did!


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