News happening around the country…


Abaco| A fishing vessel has hit a reef and sunk off Moores Island this morning. No one was injured.

Mr. Cardinal Cumberbatch has died

NASSAU| We are now learning that wife of National Security Minister Marvin Dames Mrs Stacy Cumberbatch-Dames has lost her father yesterday. We must pray for her.

Marvin Dames lost his father Mr Willie Dames and now Mrs Dames lost her father Mr. Cardinal Cumberbatch.

May they both rest in peace.

Prime Minister Minnis you want us be home before 7pm? There is know way in the world that will happen, and at food stores residents are crying to get in the stores! And the old cannot get medication for the next tree days? YOU AND BILL GATES PLAN TO KILL PEOPLE EH?

Exuma MP Chester Cooper deliver school supplies…

Chester Cooper MP for Exuma and Ragged island delivering supplies for school.

On Thursday, #TeamCooper donated 100 electronic tablets for students, as well as sanitizer stations for classrooms and offices, at the great L.N. Coakley High School in Exuma.

Exumas and Ragged Island MP Chester Cooper spoke to the students about the extraordinary times in which we live and the need for an even greater focus to achieve their personal goals.

Cooper got the students’ commitment to not allow obstacles to distract them from their success, no matter how insurmountable they may seem.#exumastrong#thefutureisbright

Why are so many people leaving New Providence?

NASSAU| The mass exodus out of New Providence before the three-day lockdown has begun.

Some 280 Chinese citizens go home on Friday…

NASSAU| Chinese Construction workers from the Pointe are on the way home along with some 8 stranded Chinese nationals and 21 deportees. In total some 280 are headed back home.

BTC Sub-office on Gladstone Road burns on Friday…

The bakery in the Grove has sold out a bread. The panic buying will leave others to suffer. One order carried 10 loaves of bread. Looka dat!

Cortney Strachan tests positive for coronavirus and ask prayers of the faithful…

BP is reporting St. AGNES churchman Cortney V. STRACHAN on Tuesday tested positive for Covid19.

Strachan wrote: “I want to share that I have tested positive for COVID PANDEMIC on Tuesday an is quarantine at home. Pray for me.”