NEWS HAPPENING NOW: Massive Fire behind the Anatol Rodgers School

A LIVE shot of a massive blaze now underway just behind the Anatol Rodgers High School.

Bahamas Press is now on the scene of a massive blaze at the vehicle dump-site behind the newly constructed Anatol Rodgers High School.

Reports are unclear as to how the massive fire began, but we are told the blaze is rapidly moving closer to the Government Complex.

Think black smoke can be scene from any angle of the country as the winds carry the bellowing clouds to the west.

The fire is said to have started shortly after 4pm and quickly spread across the site as gas and oil trapped in the derelict vehicles added fuel to the flames. Fire patrols are now on the scene and teams are working feverishly to end the blaze.


  1. BP, you always talking about Bahamians being censored. I criticised your article just yesterday and it has YET to be posted. BP is full of it. Post my comment!!!!

    • Repeat what you sat and If Profanity was in it you would know it will not make the page.


      • There was not one STITCH of profanity. That is not my style. I criticised the fact that you said the fire could be seen from every angle of the country….as if Bimini and Inagua residents could see it. You were ashamed and didn’t post it. Go and look at my comments. You are no better than the wutless media you criticise. Let me see if you post this.

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