Newspapers on the decline while the failing Punch now attempts to go online – WHAT IN THE HELL IS DIS!


BP is now the media’s worst nightmare…Newsprint goes up to $1 on Monday while BP is free!

More than half of the morning newspapers remained on the shelves of this Shell West Bay gas station early into Thursday morning unsold. Photo by Alexander James.

BP gives newspapers a run for their money with over 400 thousand global readers…Bahamians all over the world get their news from Bahamas Press #realnews

Nassau, Bahamas — The people who supported ousted former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham are finding it  more and more difficult to operate in the media business as online pages like Bahamas Press have cornered the market.

A recent survey out this week confirmed even young children spend more than 7 hours out of the day online and looking at websites like Bahamas Press.

This coming Monday the dying dailies in the Bahamas have decided to hike the price of newsprint in these tough economic times.

Even though the newspapers are selling no more than 5,000 newspapers a day, more and more all across the country stacks of papers are collecting dust on the shelves of convenience stores and gas stations.

One former vendor told BP, “It makes no sense selling papers anymore. People read all the breaking news updates from BP on their tablets and smart phones. And why wait two three days to read who got shot or killed when Bahamas Press is live on the scene of the incident – and has arrived there even before police know of a matter? Y’all are killing the dailies when it comes to news.”

And now that newspapers are hiking prices to $1.00, the naked abandonment of newspapers will be worse.

Publisher of the Mighty Punch realized long time that BP had cornered the market of news and information, and finally had the sense to join BP [finally] in coming online with news. The Mighty Punch can be read at, but there is one problem: you have to subscribe to read the paper. So far only three persons have signed up for subscription and we believe two of the persons are Louis Bacon and Ivan Johnson.

The people who seek to topple the new Christie Administration now all agree that BP is their worst nightmare, and some have become bold enough to think they can shut our operations down and drag some media persons connected to BP to court. WE WISH THEM THE BEST OF LUCK WITH THAT!

The man in Lyford Cay who called Bahamian police “Terrorists” should know Bahamas Press is the last entity in the world to mess with – we are as dangerous as the IRS AND FBI!

Meanwhile, BP’s deadly investigative media online operation is still the most popular source for news and information in the Bahamas. Journalists around the country read BP religiously and have rated our website and the most REAL NEWS operations in the country. We are credited for having thrown Ingraham and his regime out of office and also Algernon Cargill from the 3rd floor of the NIB Building.

Today more than 460,000 online readers enjoy our website at and more than 34,600 social media followers enjoy our timely updates. All the media in the Bahamas collectively online cannot boast the same.

We report yinner decide! Papers Dying and some could close!