NIB Board wants its outgoing director to park her car and leave the Board after announcing her departure to take up a job in Lyford Cay


Senior Citizens are being asked to take the Covid risks and verify or figure out the process online…WHAT IS THIS?

NIB Headquarters
Dr. Nicola Virgill-Rolle

NASSAU| Chaos is right now erupting deep inside the National Insurance Board as the departure of its Director has caused friction between the Board and its Director.

BP is learning the Director, who tendered her resignation just before the holidays, will remain in office until February. But the Board wants Dr. Nicola Virgil Rolle gone and has asked her to park the Board’s vehicle and vacate the building.

But Dr. Rolle, who has with immediate effect taken up the job with the Lyford Cay Foundation while doing the government’s business, went to Prime Minister Hubert Minnis on the request of the Board. Minnis told Rolle to ignore the Board which has corporate responsibility for NIB. What is this?

Staff at the Board are also furious with the Director and the Board after requests were made to relocate several departments to its Blake Road Office. Many of the workers, including union members, are refusing to comply with the wishes of the outgoing director.

Additionally, BP is learning that NIB wants retirees (seniors) to verify by coming into its offices, collecting a form and submiting online the verification information in order to remain current recipients of the monthly pension benefit.

According to the flyer posted some time back, seniors internet savvy are to log into, print out the form and fill it out and get it notarized in the verification process. The deadline is January 15th, 2011. Try logging into that website and guess what? The NIB website to access the file is down! Well what is this?

But this is why NIB has verification officers to make home visits to verify pensioners. Hundreds of pensioners stand to risk their lives by walking into NIB – which has had many of its officers and agents in quarantine due to exposure to COVID19.

Additionally, The Competent Authority has asked all senior citizens to avoid exposure and risks of catching COVID19 in this global pandemic by staying home and protecting themselves. But yet, NIB is asking them to come and be exposed to the virus. WHAT IS THIS? Look how they are trying hard to get rid of Mama DEM!

Some senior citizens who are alone or disabled don’t know where to start to verify themselves, much less get online to complete the process. 

And if seniors fail to register, then where does that put them? Out of their guaranteed benefit from the nation’s social security network. Boy I tell ya – If ya don’t laugh you will cry!

We report yinner decide!

NIB have told pensioners to go online to get verified. According to the flyer you posted some time back, seniors are to log into, print out the form and fill it out and get it notarized.  The deadline is January 15, 2021.  Try logging into that website and see what you get …an error message. This is Bahamas Press next story. NIB is making your your mah does not get her pension. Look at dis?!