NIB clerk fired after it was discovered he was selling NIB cards to foreign nationals…

NIB Headquarters

NASSAU| The National Insurance Board has sacked a clerk after serious criminal allegations of fraud surfaced.

The employee, we are learning, was in the registration department and abused his post to sell Government IDs under the table to foreign nationals.

National Insurance ID cards have been traced back to the clerk who was placed on leave back in January pending an investigation at NIB.

BP can confirm the Board, following that investigation, quietly terminated the services of that clerk.

Scores of NIB cards were issued to illegals, who could not verify their status with the Board or in the country.

BP is now wondering when will the Anti-Corruption Unit take over the said fraud investigation or has the matter been swept under the rug so the suspect could carry out his criminal actions inside another government agency?

BP has now recorded the identity of the suspect who committed the fraud inside the country’s social security agency.  We now wait to know how many foreign nationals have been registered inside NIB through this freed scam artist.

We report yinner decide!